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  2. The Dims worst nightmare. Especially after watching the clown show over the past few months. Oh, by the way -- did you know there is money for "racial injustice" and "global warming" in the "infrastructure" bill? Again, what?! These people that come up with stuff like this are like rapid dogs. They can't help themselves!
  5. I know a lot of times we get carried away with presumptions and hypotheticals here, but what sort of actual move-in numbers at Aledo are we talking about. 1 every year? 1 every other year? 22 a year? 50 a year? Or, are these numbers exaggerated to try and prove their point that something like this needs to happen in order to have a continued sustained quality program?
  7. OUCH!! But -- but -- remember, the KKK was the part of the Democratic party. So, she gets it honest and should know the tactics very well. And if she don't remember, she can always ask her buddy Billy-boy Clintonista! Remember who his hero and mentor was?!
  8. I think the mere panic from the Dims over the legit voting law in Georgia says volumes. I just saw where "religious" leaders in Georgia has called for a boycott of Home Depot because they haven't made any statements against the law. Religious leaders?! Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. al "not so Sharp" sharpton, j. jackson, j. wright and Calypso Louie are so-called religious leaders. But -- we also know they are 100% evil personified!!
  10. I'll try for a response again: BigGirl, my friend, you need to expand your news repertoire beyond CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC and MSLSD!
  11. At that time, Clintonista didn't think they needed the full cheating scenario!
  12. How about if it doesn't go their way they protest by cancelling the NBA and NFL seasons! It prolly doesn't matter, though, because nobody watches anymore anyway!
  13. BigGirl, my friend, you need to expand your news repertoire beyond CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC and MSLSD!
  14. More Lurch nonsense!
  16. I would probably say it's not about right and wrong but about 100% bias and 100% Trump hate when it comes to social media. But, you are right -- I'm stating something that we already know!!
  18. True. But how will they deal with all the dead batteries? Has to be some enviro concerns there don't you think?!
  19. This is the state of the Dim party now. But -- Trump's tweets is what really upsets people!! LOL!!
  20. I just hate it when them dang guns just get up by themselves and start killing random people!
  22. Dang, again -- eating/beating there own!
  23. From the article: "In 2005, then-Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) delivered a Senate floor speech about President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's doomed 1937 plan to "pack" the U.S. Supreme Court. FDR's plan would have permitted him to add six justices, immediately securing a pro-New Deal judicial majority. But "in an act of great courage, Roosevelt's own party stood up against this institutional power grab," Biden recounted 16 years ago. "They did not agree with the judicial activism of the Supreme Court, but they believed that Roosevelt was wrong to seek to defy established traditions as a way of stopp
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