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  1. PNG’s o-line is always good. Maybe one or two off years in the faircloth era. The qb always has loads of time in the pocket. It was a main piece of PNG’s comeback against Nederland.
  2. Tackling against Stephenville was absolute garbage in PNG’s 1999 state game.
  3. Do PNG and Barbers Hill meet in the 4th round if they both make it past the 3rd?
  4. I agree the defense wasn't always as bad as its reputation (excluding last year, which was painful), and your numbers back it up. But if we added just a little more physicality in practice wouldn't we be that much better? I'm not saying we need to be killing each other in practice, but there is no reason PNG shouldn't have a touch, gritty defense like West Orange's, and from what I hear, West Orange has pretty aggressive, physical defensive practices. I'd also like to know about other schools -- Nederland had a tough defense last year (except for when it played Lufkin and PNG) and Crosby's def
  5. Fuselier is a stud. Does he have any college offers yet? In 2018 when he was playing as a freshman on varsity against PNG I would have bet he was the fastest player on the field not named Roschon Johnson.
  6. I agree -- Generally PNG players need to be much more athletic. We need at least some tweaks to the strength and conditioning program. It really showed against BH.
  7. Someone can correct me, but it seems to me the secondary was "ok" last year. Our biggest problems were in first-level tackling.
  8. Do we know anything about his previous success on defense? Any salary info?
  9. I know we aren't really talking about taxes here, but just to throw off a misperception: Amazon doesn't have a $0 tax liability. Amazon pays millions and millions and millions of dollars in taxes. In particular, Amazon pays property taxes across the states it is located in in (including Texas), as well as turning over billions of sales taxes in every state that has sales taxes (and those taxes have only gone up over the past couple years due to a recent Supreme Court decision). Amazon, due to credits and incentives from the federal government, has had a relatively low federal tax payment, but
  10. SmashMouth has a point. The IRS doesn't look that closely at tax returns as they come in, at least in the few weeks after they are sent in. The IRS has the resources to catch about 3% of tax evasion/fraud. Sometimes a discrepancy, error, or lie on taxes won't get caught for years, and many don't get caught at all. The IRS is even required to send out refund checks so quickly that they will send out the checks without doing a deep look to make sure the refund isn't fraudulent, and then follow up after the fact and come after the fraudsters they sent the checks to (that kind of fraud doesn't wor
  11. I'm sorry for the old DC. I hope he finds another assignment and is able to keep his young coaching career going, if that's what he wants. That being said, I hope the new DC can bring PNG's defense to the right place this season.
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