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  1. I called the score to be 49-14. Crosby looks like they’ll far outdo that prediction.
  2. Indians stormed back after going down 17-0. KP has only scored one offensive touchdown. They got a pick 6 early, and the field goal. It’s been all PNG since then. The Texan Live cameraman is killing me, he’s had the camera pointed away from the play a couple times, and other times is holding it too low. He either ate a pound of Ritalin before the game, or needs to do so now.
  3. This one might be for the district championship. Crosby appears to be the more balanced team. I’ll go with Crosby in this one. 49-14.
  4. That was the most complete game png played all season. Hope they keep up the improvement.
  5. I agree the ref got that spot wrong - it was a clear 1st down. But a good game played by both team. I never thought I’d eat crow on a prediction PNG would lose, but I’ll take mine deep fried.
  6. Let’s all say it together: PNG’s defense is getting better.
  7. It was in bounds. I went back and rewatched the play on Texan live
  8. After the Nederland game, it’s inexcusable that PNG didn’t make changes to its kick return plan. Get away from the ball.
  9. Wheelhouse is worth it. No idea on the crowd on Friday but I went on a Sunday afternoon and it was pretty packed.
  10. After last night I have to go with BH. The Eagles’ o-line is too good, and the BH qb is elusive and fast with a good, deep arm. PNG doesn’t have the weapons on offense, and continues to make stupid mental mistakes. Defense will keep it close for a little bit, but this will get ugly.
  11. This game is insane. By far the game of the year
  12. It looks like the BH offensive line is really good this year. Crosby’s not getting a lot of penetration.
  13. BH qb is having a night running out of busted plays
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