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  1. I think this judge should be forced to recuse himself. Judges are not supposed to be interested parties in their cases, and this one has turned himself into the ONLY interested party in this case, as the defense and the prosecution both support dismissing it. And, even after the higher court orders him to dismiss the case he refuses to do so? I hope he gets sanctions.
  2. Elections are literally popularity contests, and have always been so.
  3. If you are trying to get ahead of the story and you think it clears your name, releasing a video is a good idea whether or not you have a guilty conscience.
  4. What about the "Blue Chain"? Its (1) easier to say, and (2) more intimidating than "Blue Link," and (3) actually references the TEAM aspect of a good defense.
  5. The "Blue Link" is a stupid name, regardless of what it is replacing. Mustangs' defense went from having the most intimidating name in the area to having what sounds like a bad attempt at innuendo. The players have got to be furious.
  6. If it is against the rules (and I have heard that it is against the rules at both stadiums) why don't the school administrators police it better? It seems like an easy thing to control. All they have to do is kick one person out, and the problem would be 99% solved for the rest of the students, at least for several years.
  7. 12-5a div. 2 is ranked more highly than I would have expected. It's definitely a meat grinder though. Not the best teams in the state, but overall well-balanced. Hard to predict who will win district.
  8. Vidor CAN do it. The coach just needs to teach it.
  9. If they would throw just enough to keep teams honest it could be a game changer.
  10. Nothing new in this article, but here's Tepper's article on the subject for those who haven't seen it: I think this is very good news.
  11. It certainly helps that Carthage is in D2 now also.
  12. I should say, I don't expect Silsbee to have much trouble containing Vidor. My issues with the secondary are in defending the pass. In this case, Silsbee's secondary get to just be extra linebackers. My prediction is Silsbee wins by two touchdowns. I could be wrong though. I think if Vidor could complete ten passes a game (not a magic number, just an estimate) it would change the entire way teams would have to cover them and their run-heavy game would have just a little more space.
  13. United seems to be on the rise. They still have the disadvantage of being small in 6a, so they probably won't go far in the playoffs, but they looked dangerous last year.
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