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  1. Defense has to improve. We probably played the best defense in the state the night we played Fort Bend Marshall (and easily our best defense of the last 15 years against anyone) but the rest of the season was among the worst defense of our last 15 years. We've played plenty of bad defense, but this season was something else.
  2. I don't know the precise numbers, but it definitely seemed like they executed that offense nearly perfectly. It came down to three crucial moments on defense for Crosby: (1) holding LH to a field goal on one drive near the end of the first half, (2) getting that fumble in the second half when LH was driving, and (3) LH fumbling the last snap. If LH had scored a touchdown instead of having the field goal, they win. And, the way they were moving the ball you almost have to think they would have been guaranteed a touchdown if they hadn't fumbled in the second half. And number (3) goes without say
  3. Wow! Hate that for LH, to lose on a botched handoff, but Crosby earned it. A good game. Someone had to lose. Congratulations Crosby. Now go slay the Aledo dragon.
  4. Dunn didn't get enough credit during district play. He is delivering strikes.
  5. Crosby is looking good. And I've never seen a Slot T offense run this well. Great game.
  6. I'll be cheering via Texan Live then ! Go win it!
  7. I'm going to ask a dumb question: Are there tickets at the gate? I live close-ish to Bryan. If I showed up at the game, could I get in?
  8. If you make it to the 5th round, there's no reason to think you can't beat anyone in the state. You're a top 4, you may as well be the top 1. Go get it.
  9. About 20% of my support for Nederland next week is based on fraternal support for PNG's Mid-County Madness rival, 10% is given as a Christmas present (you're welcome, Nederland), and 70% is to see a rematch between Crosby and Nederland. Get it done!
  10. I think if Nederland plays tough defense they are more than capable of beating FBM.
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