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  1. The weirdest part of 2020 is no one has been on to complain about purple chalk yet.
  2. Any word as to what Texan live is doing to make sure the website can handle the increased traffic they are going to get this week? I bet they set a record this week. No one has ever tried to stream PNG v NED before. There could be a LOT. Or, is anyone aware of anyone else who will be streaming, say, on YouTube?
  3. I think we agree, then. I’m not trying to insinuate that Nederland has AVOIDED having a tough preseason. I’m also not saying PNG is clearly better (I may be guilty of ragging the most on PNG’s defense, of all the PNG fans). My point is only that there is no evidence, based on the sample of games that both teams have played, to assume Nederland has the upper hand, or vice verse.
  4. Do you argue that Nederland has been tested this season? By having exactly one game against a team that it turns out isn’t even that good? And one game against a team that barely qualifies as a team? Even if we assume Nederland is a good team, it’s hard to argue they’ve had to prove it yet.
  5. PNG has been in every single game. The more I think about it, Nederland is the untested one -- the Bulldogs have played a struggling Lufkin team (Nederland is their sole win) and a horrible Jacksonville team. PNG is the one coming into this game having proved it can play in tough situations -- One fumble away from beating PAM, one pass break up away from beating Tomball. Beaumont United is also showing itself not be a scrub. If Nederland comes in cocky they are in for a wake up call, because PNG is battle tested, and Nederland is barely tested at all.
  6. My attitude is that scheduling tough pre-district games helps a lot if your team is fundamentally strong. In such case, you get a taste of really good competition, you get sort of a playoff atmosphere, and the team gets a sense of what it takes to play against better teams, and you end up being more prepared for district. I don't think this strategy helps much if you're just not a good team. In other words, I don't think a tough preseason makes a bad team good, but it can make a good team better. So for BH, Crosby, and PNG (and Nederland to a lesser extent, since they were able to have only on
  7. I don't expect BH to have any trouble with Kingwood Park.
  8. I think the game MIGHT start out slow, but it's hard to see this game not getting above thirty for both teams.
  9. I'd only mention that Jacksonville made it really, really easy. Vidor might have a better throwing QB than Jacksonville, and that's saying something given how little gametime practice throwing he gets. But this thread isn't about Jacksonville, so I'll concede you're correct that Nederland beat the snot out of them. I think it means Nederland is a good team. Maybe not a great team, maybe not even that good of a team. PNG has had years and years of absolutely decimating weak teams (2014 comes to mind) with record-setting performances only to get a wake-up call against Nederland. I will say PNG h
  10. One thought is that Jacksonville is not a good gauge of where Nederland is. Nederland should have scored 100 on them, as bad as Jacksonville was.
  11. Both teams have shown signs of solid development. I'm more familiar with PNG's strengths and weaknesses. Nederland looks tall and fast. It's hard to gauge how good they really are from that Jacksonville performance - Jacksonville looked pretty terrible overall. PNG has only played teams from bigger schools, which I think should give them some really good experience heading into the game. PNG's problems dealing with a running QB are going to be tough to deal with. Nederland showed a lot of strength nearly coming back to win against Lufkin, and of course PNG has had to play from behind in every
  12. Might as well get this one started. What do ya’ll think?
  13. Whelp. I was wrong on this one. I thought PNG would win by at least three scores, and clean up the defensive problems. Third game in a row that PNG plays in an extremely close one. There are some rays of light. PNG wasn't playing scrubs these last few weeks, so the experience and toughness that come from that could prove valuable down the stretch. They've essentially been in a playoff-like scenario three weeks in a row. The 4th quarter offense is still stellar, though something more creative than a bomb to the endzone is what I was expecting on that 4th and 17. Those two kickoff turnovers made
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