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  1. A lot to be excited about. Hopefully the defense can pick up from the FB Marshall game and have a better season than last year. I’m not worried about the offense, we’ll be fine. But I think until we show otherwise a fifth place preseason pick is the right call. Nederland, Crosby, and BH finished the season unquestionably better than us. And the loss to Texas City at that score was kind of embarrassing.
  2. Crosby will have a size advantage, I’m guessing, and it’s a big school. Numbers tend to make a difference, in most cases. Carthage may be an exception, but I don’t know what their record is against 5a schools.
  3. Crosby’s first three games will be must-watch tv. But I don’t care how good Crosby is this year, Carthage is starting the season 1-0.
  4. I don't think most people will stay home. Watching live on the computer isn't comparable to the real thing, and if someone cares enough about the game to have a Texan Live subscription, they care enough to physically be at the game if they are able (not to mention that they care enough about the game to try to watch even though the streaming is often cut off, frozen, or lagging - Streaming is often not for the lazy fans, but for dedicated fans). I suspect most people streaming live are doing so because they otherwise wouldn't be able to go to the game. Or, it's people who weren't even consider
  5. It seems Bh is waiting an awfully long time to choose the new HC. The new guy will have under two months to get things in place, and that’s if they made a decision today. (Which, based on this thread, hasn’t happened yet). But I don’t have any perspective as to how long new coaches usually have prior to the new season.
  6. Nothing conclusive was said. Names? Final confirmation of hires? The last word was a “rumor.” Rumors are useless.
  7. Rumors are PNG is having coaching changes
  8. Any developments on PNG coaching situation?
  9. So, just thinking toward the future: I’m (mostly) ok with swats (I got my share in school) for certain things. But to protect the school and the kid, I’d make sure there was documentation on every single one, with signatures from a witness or two, to protect from that kind of allegation. And I’d never, ever, even as the head coach, be alone with a kid for any reason, to protect from wild accusations. Some rules like this might already be in place, but if they aren’t they should be.
  10. Any possible movement to/from the 5a D2 ranks in the coverage area?
  11. Just to clarify, and not comment on anything else in your post, the apartments pay property taxes. The people in the apartments don't pay property taxes directly, but the properties themselves are taxed, and apartments don't benefit from homestead exemptions.
  12. I have family in BH and I remember them telling me something about this. I don't know about the "We don't need that ..." comment, but they did tell me Mont Belvieu has taken real steps to keep apartments from being built in certain areas. I can't verify any of this, of course, other than what I was told.
  13. Hahaha -- All joke's aside, I can't see BH going cheap on their next coach.
  14. I'd be interested to see Barbers Hill with one of the coaches from Liberty Hill.
  15. BH did get significantly better under Westerberg, we have to give him that.
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