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  1. Mine hasn’t - I’ve never watched one. They just seem to be universally loved.
  2. Everyone is hallmark guy, even those who don’t know it yet.
  3. Who has Wimberley played? Silsbee has played West Orange twice, Newton, Nederland, PNG. Granted, Silsbee went 2-5 against that group, and Nederland and PNG didn’t exactly have their very best years, but the competition explains why Silsbee’s stats might be a little depressed relative to Wimberley’s. Silsbee has played big schools and where they didn’t play big schools they played very good teams. Even with the weak district competition, Silsbee has faced a tough season.
  4. I enjoyed their commentary. Even with the bias. I like their tone and attitude.
  5. Anyone else having trouble with Texanlive? Trying to watch and website seems to be having problems.
  6. I don’t mean their defense is bad- I mean it is the one weakness that stands out. They are still well-positioned to move on.
  7. Barbers Hill’s biggest weakness is that defense. Otherwise they are about as complete as a team would want to be.
  8. I think BH can beat Manvel. They won’t be the favorite, but it’s not out of reach
  9. Sorry for that Crosby - Good game and a good showing.
  10. I’m sure everyone is hoping BH can take down Manvel next week! Tall order. It’s a game I want to see.
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