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  1. I just watched the highlight tape. you are right. I missed the first xtra point and we went for two after the second TD and converted. 27-14
  2. that' a lot better than the other score. however, I missed the 2nd extra point in the 2nd qtr. and that was the last time we scored. we never put it in the endzone in the 2nd half and it ended 27-13. do you have an email?
  3. if you can't find the newspaper article, I will record a few minutes of my highlight tape and send it to you via email. got to love modern technology.
  4. My reference is, I played Def. End in the game I wouldn't lie to you about the score. A loss is a loss, but it needs to be corrected. Some jealous people from Anahuac reported the score to all of the BMT local news stations as 49-0 and then told us what they did. Every site I know in the HS sports world to this day has the score as 49-0 because of that garbage they pulled. Ask Scatright on this site. He knows the truth.
  5. 2000: Hardin Football Lost to San Augustine 27-13 in Bi-District playoffs Interesting note: Hardin and Kountze football is virtually identical as far as winning percentage goes in the history of their respective highschools.
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