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    JasperDAWG reacted to Bulldogs92 in Jasper / Coldspring / Evadale Scrimmage   
    I just watched the video and neither team was any match at all for Jasper. The announcers pointed out that the Bulldogs won't have as much depth this year as they have in the past two or three years, but man are they fast! 
    The second-string offense was effective for the most part against Evadale's first-team defense, but the QB-center exchange was pretty ragged as there were at least four fumbled snaps. The running game was solid and there were a couple of nice pass plays mixed in. I was really impressed with the second-string defense. One of the defensive ends (#81) was in on everything and the Rebels had all kinds of trouble moving the ball. 
    The Bulldogs first-team was pretty sharp in both the controlled scrimmage and the two timed quarters against Coldspring. The offense scored touchdowns on the first three possessions and will be run-heavy as usual. The top two guys are going to be a pretty formidable combo and can score from anywhere on the field. Jasper didn't throw much at all, but they had some success and should be a little better in the passing game than in years past. The defense was pretty stout for the most part, but the Trojans managed a score in the half that they played because of a Jasper penalty that got them into scoring position. 
    Overall, it was a good night for us considering the long lay-off from football. I'm hoping we'll have football in Lumberton next Friday night. As usual, the weather plays a huge role in things early in the season. You guys make sure you're prepared for whatever comes. God bless...
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    Ok ok nice feedback, what about cal poly or da LaSalle 
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    JasperDAWG reacted to WOSgrad in WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN A GIFT, LET'S NOT MESS THIS UP!!!   
    As we start the 2020-2021 season with our football and volleyball players taking to the field and the court tomorrow, we need to realize what we have been given.
    We have been given a gift......a gift to play, coach, and follow high school football and volleyball.  While some might think it should be a given, other states have shown, whether you agree or not, that it is not.
    By the dialogue on here, that gift is a very precious one, but is also a very fragile one.  A gift that can be destroyed by a single misstep by a player, coach, staff member, member of the player's family or even friends or fellow students. 
    We ALL know the protocols...not all of them are pleasant...many don't agree with them.  But if we do not follow them and destroy this gift we have no one to blame but ourselves...no politicians, no doctors, no nothing, just ourselves.
    I may be the eternal optimist, but I believe in these kids, these coaches and these communities to do what is needed to guide this precious gift along.  Some don't agree with that either, but I have seen some pretty serious sacrifices made to allow this gift to proceed in the past.  Let us root that they will be able to do so this year as well.
    And let us all pray for our boys and girls, our coaches, teachers and administrators as they lead us long this treacherous path that is the 2020-21 school year.
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    JasperDAWG reacted to WOSgrad in West Orange Stark 2020   
    Communicated with Jaden last night, he has served his quarantine period, tested negative and rejoined the team for s&c workouts this week.
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    JasperDAWG reacted to WOSdrummer99 in West Orange Stark 2020   
    Quoted as a courtesy, @JasperDAWG doesn't hear you. 
    Prayers for your in laws, my friend. Stay positive... except for test results.
    I haven't heard about the player's recovery.
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    JasperDAWG reacted to SmashMouth in West Orange Stark 2020   
    Man, I hope everything turns out ok. Prayers for your folks. 
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    JasperDAWG reacted to WOSgrad in West Orange Stark 2020   
    I haven't communicated with him on twitter this week, but he was counting down his quarantine period last week.  He expressed that he was in good health and, aside from being bored, was in good spirits.
    And JasperDAWG, let me add my prayers to your family for their recovery.
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    JasperDAWG reacted to THE DUDE in WOS Dylan Spencer to Katy Taylor?   
    i heard he left because WOS calls their defense THE CHAIN GANG
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    JasperDAWG reacted to EAGLEFOREVER in Toughest Playoff Path   
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    JasperDAWG reacted to j_dog in DCTF 4A D2 Preseason top 10   
    Some of Jasper's best teams have been the "young" teams; then they implode their senior years unfortunately.  Evidence:  last year
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    JasperDAWG reacted to WOSdrummer99 in Best rivalries in SE Texas or other places   
    I was there in 87. Best HS FB game I've ever been to. Watch it? I didn't know it was out there. But I did find this. 
    Please share if you have a full game link.
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    JasperDAWG reacted to txprepfan in Best rivalries in SE Texas or other places   
    Had to do some serious digging through the archives for this one !
    Wish I could have made it a little bigger to upload.

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    JasperDAWG reacted to WOSgrad in Best rivalries in SE Texas or other places   
    The winning side. 😁
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    JasperDAWG reacted to txprepfan in Best rivalries in SE Texas or other places   
    One of the greatest games I ever attended was WOS at Jasper in 1987.
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    JasperDAWG reacted to j_dog in Alltime SETX Football Team Offense and Defense   
    Several years were pretty good for Jasper.  But I feel 1980 was near to being as good as the 86-87 teams.  Witness their little LB (5-9) playing 5 years in the NFL.  Public announcers would go tounge tied saying "And Eugene Seale on the tackle."  Tied Huntsville in Pre-district, and tied Hebert in district.  Huntsville beat Hebert in playoffs, and went on to win state.  I think Jasper clearly showed the Jasper undefeated 1980 team belonged on the same field as the eventual state champion.
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    JasperDAWG reacted to dj in Alltime SETX Football Team Offense and Defense   
    Both were all state players. 86-87.were jasper best 2 teams ever. The only team that could have stopped them those 2 years.was w.o. they were that gud!! 
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    JasperDAWG reacted to BADSANTA in Greatest High School Running Backs from SETX   
    Jermaine Spikes-Burkville 
    Dexter Heburt-Kelly 
    Kerrion Morsey-Jasper 
    Wayne Limbrick-Jasper 
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    JasperDAWG reacted to WOSdrummer99 in 4A D2 Region 3   
    Great story. Carthage only loss that year was to Patrick Mahomes of whitehouse. And I must say, WOS losing to them in 2013 playoffs showed the level we needed to reach state. Which we did the next 4 years, partially because Carthage was out of the way. If we would have played them during that run, who knows what would have happened. That was a special group of kids.
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    JasperDAWG reacted to JB94 in 4A D2 Region 3   
    Yep, when talent is pretty equal, superior coaching makes champions.
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    JasperDAWG reacted to R.G. MAC in Jasper Football Schedule   
    Jasper Football Schdule
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    JasperDAWG reacted to WOSgrad in Silsbee 2020 Football   
    Randy Smith, Cornel Thompson, Darrell Barbay, to name 3.
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    JasperDAWG reacted to Alpha Wolf in Zac Evans sighting   
    Good article.  I'd be surprised if he makes it a year at Texas A&M...
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    JasperDAWG reacted to WOSdrummer99 in WO-S vs Silsbee   
    How bout this deal? I'll pay pita $125 to stay home.
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    JasperDAWG reacted to j_dog in Jasper vs Bellville Area Round   
    Clearly, Bellville is better than they were last year.  And Jasper clearly was not as good as they were last year.  Just listened to the game, but time after time Jasper shot itself in the foot.  Fumbles, interceptions, and penalties after penalty.  Apparently from comments in prior weeks this has been a common occurrence.  I thought surely Jasper would get their act together for the playoffs.  Didn't happen.  Congrats to Bellville for coming ready to play!
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    JasperDAWG reacted to WOSgrad in Diboll 6 Cameron Yoe 21/FINAL   
    Class 3A, Division I game from Mustang Stadium in Magnolia at 7:30 pm
    The winner of this game will face the East Chambers/Grandview winner.
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