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  1. Haha
    JasperDAWG reacted to L-Train11 in Silsbee vs #1 Carthage   
    Appreciate it 😀👍🏽 Maybe next year we can be a ranked team, beat silsbee, and make it to the first round. 😉
    BTW, I’m just giving you a hard time!
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    JasperDAWG reacted to BMTSoulja1 in Silsbee vs #1 Carthage   
    Folks were calling it that well past a few years ago.  Try at least 20...  
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    JasperDAWG reacted to PlayActionPass in Tatum vs Grandview   
    Two-time defending state champions don't go down easily, especially when they have the two-time defending offensive and defensive MVP from those state championship games still on the field.
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    JasperDAWG reacted to RedJollyRoger in BRANDON PROUSE HIRED AS NEW DEWEYVILLE AD/HC!   
    Yes sir, the first time in a 60 year history of our school that we won a playoff game, right there in y'alls beautiful stadium!  
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    JasperDAWG reacted to dj in WOS vs China Spring   
    U have the right JasperDAWG. it kinda bothered me too. I can't understand why they didn't make adjustments and show those kids where they were supposed to be. Jasper has great althetes and that game shouldn't have went like it did.im sorry but bcz they wasn't prepared it cost them.
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    JasperDAWG reacted to JaspD55 in WOS vs China Spring   
    Somebody before said its about matchups, and because of that, what WOS does on defense, I suspect will limit what CS can do offensively. I predict CS will have less than 3 first downs going into the 3d qtr. The Jasper defense, is loaded with athletes, but they just run up the field, and put themselves out of position, especially in the first half of the CS game.
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    JasperDAWG reacted to Gasilla in WOS vs China Spring   
    Not intended as disrespect. It was a response to someone downplaying the capabilities of the WOS backfield. No doubt Limbrick is talented as is Andre. Andre is a good kid too. We hated to see him leave. Both talented backs as are the WOS backs. The WOS kids just don't have the gaudy numbers because we also have great WR's. And a QB that can spread it around. But make no mistake, Gayles and Shaw would rack up those numbers in a different system.
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    JasperDAWG reacted to Stangfan#1 in WOS vs China Spring   
    Thanks for saying that bro
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    JasperDAWG reacted to Dawgs12345 in Silsbee vs #1 Carthage   
    I have to disagree. Obviously a good defense helps, but playing Carthage you have to score just about every time you get the ball. 
  10. Thanks
    JasperDAWG reacted to TrojanMoJo in Center 31 Waco Connally 30/FINAL   
    Good luck @Jasper Dawgfrom Coldspring Trojans. We lost 41-28
  11. Haha
    JasperDAWG reacted to texbuzz in Livingston 21 Huffman Hargrave 20/FINAL   
  12. Sad
    JasperDAWG reacted to SmashMouth in Livingston 21 Huffman Hargrave 20/FINAL   
    I’m not trying to stir any pots, but I heard Livingston and Huffman and Silsbee were all better than Jasper. 
  13. Haha
    JasperDAWG reacted to dj in Silsbee vs La Marque Bi District   
    Ur wrong for that one.
  14. Haha
    JasperDAWG reacted to WOSdrummer99 in Silsbee vs La Marque Bi District   
  15. Thanks
    JasperDAWG reacted to TrojanMoJo in Jasper @ Madisonville   
    Go Jasper 
  16. Haha
    JasperDAWG reacted to WOSdrummer99 in Carthage 49 Shepherd 0/FINAL   
    Carthage needed an extra day to prepare for Gatesville.
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    JasperDAWG reacted to DP#1FAN in Jasper @ Madisonville   
    Jasper wins 36-6 with a lot of younger kids getting some quality playing time.
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    JasperDAWG reacted to GUNHO in Jasper @ Madisonville   
    You are aware my good man I do make mistakes from time to time.lol.I got my seedings mixed up.See y'all in round 2....hopefully.
  19. Thanks
    JasperDAWG reacted to TrojanMoJo in Jasper @ Madisonville   
    Yes Sir I will be rooting for The Jasper Bulldogs 🎉🎉🎊💗💗🏈🏈🏈
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    JasperDAWG reacted to chefkland76 in Jasper @ Madisonville   
    I would play our starters the first half and then the second half let the second-string take over and get some reps pending you have a big enough lead. Try your best not to get none of the starters hurt because these playoffs are going to the RUFF!!!!
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    JasperDAWG reacted to Bulldogs92 in Jasper 41 Center 13/FINAL   
    I agree with you as far as the consistency of athletes goes in Jasper. I was really high on Coach Barbay when he came back in 2012, but I don't know that he'll get us where we need to go with the way we play. It's good enough to win a lot of football games, but we should at least be capable of winning every game and we're just not. I think he's doing a good job all things considered, but we need to set the bar higher. 
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    JasperDAWG reacted to Dawgs12345 in Jasper 41 Center 13/FINAL   
    Morgan was a heck of a coach. Not sure what happened in Jasper, but it must’ve been something major to the point he got out of the coaching business all together. I really thought that was a dream situation from the outside looking in. When Morgan went to Jasper I thought they were about to blow up. There is no reason a program like Jasper couldn’t get to that elite level very few programs get to. They have the athletes year in and year out to do it, plus an abundance of talent in the surrounding areas to draw from once the winning starts. You win a couple state titles over a 2-3 year period and the athletes start rolling in, and things can exceed even the highest expectations. I know nothing about the politics or administration in Jasper, but I do know they ALWAYS have a team full of stud athletes. 
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    JasperDAWG reacted to aTmfan06 in Jasper @ Madisonville   
    This game shouldn’t be close. Jasper doesn’t need to beware of Madisonville. Jasper by 35
  24. Thanks
    JasperDAWG reacted to Crawford in Jasper 41 Center 13/FINAL   
    Y'all, have great team. I think if y'all do face Carthage again, it would be a much closer game. But that's just me. Good luck
  25. Haha
    JasperDAWG reacted to Crawford in Jasper 41 Center 13/FINAL   
    After watching the film on this game, I think I figured out what Center's problem was in this game. It was that Jasper team. If not for them, Center would have easily won this game. lol.
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