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  1. It is. They opened in 2018 Here are their scores from last year They are playing Orangefield this year. Lost to splendora the last 2 years.
  2. Guess this job was posted in May. They are headed back to 6 man
  3. Yep
  4. Just read that Matt Burnett will be his Defensive Coordinator
  5. Saw that head football/campus coordinator was posted June 7
  6. Something else that caught my eye: G. New Business 1. Written Proposals from the Public a. A proposal to prohibit freshmen athletes from participating in varsity competitions I know that these are just proposals but still on the agenda to be discussed next week
  8. We are still missing the following completed schedules for 2022 Sabine Pass Burkeville Chester High Island Leverett's Chapel Beaumont Legacy Orange Community Christian
  9. Marcus Graham is the new offensive coordinator at Memorial
  10. These guys had an audio broadcast the other day. I'm assuming they will do the same tonight.
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