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  1. Legacy opened a few years ago and they are in the local TCAL district with Bob Hope, Tekoa, Beaumont Harmony etc. The school from what I understand specializes in getting their students prepared for careers in sports. Anything from sports medicine to coaching to sports broadcasting. I believe all of their coaches played either college or professionally. They have 2 teams, a national travel team that also competes at the TCAL 6A level and a 3A squad that plays in our district. Basically their JV team but that JV team is still very talented. They played for the state championship last year after going undefeated in district play. That group had quite a few that could dunk and I believe we played them closer than anyone else in district and we still lost both games by 20 points (both scores were around 80-60). They beat Tekoa in one of their games something like 120-95. Both of those teams just run up and down the floor and play 0 defense
  7. Kelly playing St Thomas November 6
  8. High Island will travel to Louise on September 11 unless that is who they originally had scheduled and just haven't updated their schedule yet.
  9. Kountze Football Twitter shows that the Lions will play Tenaha at home on September 11 and Hitchcock at home on September 18
  10. Orange Leader is reporting it Also the BC/Huffman game on September 11 has been moved to Turner Stadium in Humble
  11. TEA has already updated their reopening guidelines as it relates to funding. Schools ordered closed by local health authority past the TEA allotted online only timeframe will not be funded. Stepp saying on twitter that he is getting word of schools in the metro areas getting ready to start their strength and conditioning back up. He also retweeted someone saying that Katy is supposedly starting back up tomorrow.
  12. I still think most districts would go along with what the local health authority says but some athletic directors and sups in the Waco area met with their local authority about this
  13. Saw both kountze and anahuac are looking for a week 3...
  14. A few that line up. Lumberton vs Jasper? Hamshire Fannett vs Vidor?
  15. 1A-4A schools can start on time. 5A-6A pushed back to September
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