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  1. Really don’t understand what you saying seems like you think it’s so easy to do what he is doing things that hasn’t been done in a long time I definitely don’t see any of your top guns doing it a few times let alone consistently doing it
  2. Silsbee will win district point blank because they have the best player marl my word
  3. Balance scoring we be fine if Bre have to deal with the box and 1 and double teams teammates keep playing and scoring teams will come out of it I like what I see
  4. Can he be turned loose or maybe he just playing to his skill set
  5. No I don’t believe that at all because they would be doing it now your number one player can’t scite like that period
  6. Yea because you have a interest to do that in that sport I know what’s up and idc really your opinion is your opinion dude that what makes America great have a good night
  7. We will never be defined by what you say probably never picked up a ball before if you did couldn’t play a .... lick
  8. Can you just tell when someone just refuse to say it just like Hefner can’t play once he hates it stays but who gives a ....
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