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  1. He must have a tie with that team I remember everyone on that team and I was in high school with them and I don’t believe any getting significant time in 1995 ijs
  2. Let’s not forget the 94-95 team that split with Lincoln and lost to them in regional finals in overtime the best team Silsbee had pound for pound
  3. I still say with a good guard that can handle the press effectively for 80% of game and some bigs that can rebound that FFA will be a game because Yates didn’t shoot ball really well. Then you have Argyle that’s giving up only 32 points a game since district started and we all know how they had us and slowed down the game in 2017 so it will be interesting I believe. The reason I say this Yates get points off turnovers which most of the time is layups and a lot of second chance points which now they have teams that has size
  4. We will you see how good Yates is now. how much better they are then everybody in Region3 these games want be easy one thing I seen the weekend they are beatable handle press and rebound you can play with them and the teams that are left all have that so it’s not a lock
  5. Come on guys this a good informational site the votes are in if you ask me I think Rideaux should have won this coming from a Silsbee guy but the votes didn’t say that let’s stop with the race stuff this is an opinion board it’s ok to agree to disagree but let’s get away from the race stuff it’s ok it’s just a vote guys
  6. I like our chances watched the film we just have to play and have energy and play good defense and hopefully we get good news tomorrow
  7. All his life moved there At 2 years of age
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