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  1. From what I was told its not all based off enrollment. If you have so many OPT up some have to go down to balance it out some what. Makes sence cause GP is D2 with D1 enrollement.
  2. I was thinking PAM and BU. But ya Galena Park is supposed to be D2 now due to Lee Opting up.
  3. That's the 1st i have seen that one. Doesn't add up though. BH isn't going up to D1 so they wouldn't be with the GT teams. New Caney and Porter would probably be put in with where ever Cleveland goes.
  4. Everyone else has them up lol. I have seen some interesting guess's but this one looks more legit in my opinion. If it plays out like this i could see a 5-6 team battle for 4 spots. Beaumont United Port Aurthur Goose Creek Memorial Baytown Lee Baytown Sterling Laporte Houston Wisdom Houston Milby
  5. Never said he sucked. Said he will throw more then his share of silly INT's look at your last playoff game. And ya no one gets Offers from GCM. We have one committed to UIW now and two other SR's that will be headed to the next level. But its all good.
  6. Y reading 14.2s long post did i miss BH losing to Crosby this year?
  7. I think Galena Park will be D2 also.
  8. I dont care how ready or not ready they are. but when you are out matched at 75% of the positions on the field its tough to be ready. One of those BH safteys wanted no part of coming down and tackling #23 when he came through the line which resulted in more then a couple big runs. Bh CBs were on a island with Mavel WR's and were getting beat like they stole some thing. Manvels DB's locked up the BH wrs other then #1 getting open a couple times. If it wasnt for BH qb BH gets shut out.
  9. We will be there. I’m picking an upset!!!
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