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  1. I have been paying attention lol. I can still hope like hell yall knock off KP. And we take care of GP of coarse.
  2. Well this Patriot will be Pulling Hard for the Titans next week!!
  3. I hate to say i was right. Hoped for more out of my Lee kids.
  4. Big games tonight. I’ll be watching the scores!!!
  5. Lee hasnt won a district road game under the new coach. So if Ned Defense is that bad I think Lee pulls it out.
  6. I don’t know bout that. KWP still has PAM, New Caney, Austin and Us. We have Wisdom, GP, New Caney and KWP. If we take care of business we can be playing KWP for that 4th spot. New Caney Porter will be 1-2 PAM probably #3. BUT there a lot of ball left to be played.
  7. Well folks after 3 weeks of District play. Got some big games coming up the rest of the way. Week 8 Wisdom @ GCM PAM @ Porter GP @ Austin New Caney @ KWP 3-0 New Caney 3-0 Porter 2-1 PAM 2-1 KWP 1-2 GCM 1-2 Austin 0-3 Wisdon 0-3 GP
  8. If they use him. #1 back in the nation getting 10 carries a game. Lol
  9. 31-0 Final. Offense trying to be to cute. Hasn’t worked yet.
  10. Naw. We will be playing KP for the 4th spot. Y’all will get that 3 spot
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