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  1. Ah but yes. Remember PAM shut y’all out and we only allowed 20 by them and we scored 13. Sooo we will see
  2. I dont see BU getting more then 20 on our D. Lee we had 2 major break downs that seem to have been fixed. BU's offense isn't any thing like Lee's sooo... But then thats why we play the games. With high school kids no telling what can happen.
  3. To an extent yes. Depends who you talk to lol.
  4. GCM by 11. Defense is going to be rested and healthy. Our coach will have 2 weeks to prepare for United. Now the question is which GCM offense shows up.
  5. I was just thinking last night that we played you guys the best. For what ever reason it may be. I feel we are the 2nd best team in this district. Defense could rival that PAM defense. If we had any kind of constancy on offense we are a way different team. But most will say thats just me being a homer lol..
  6. Congrats PAM. Now we all got to do our best and Rep!!!
  7. I sure as hell hope not. We were with out 3 offensive starters tonight. We got to heal up and get work in. Atleast a good half!!
  8. Correct. I think he just posted who could clinch this week.
  9. This is gonna be interesting. I think I’m about to see what i have thought all year.
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