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  1. Gas prices were over 4.00 gallon when Bush was in office. You guys did not complain.
  2. %1%24s&
  3. There are more white people on welfare, there are also conservatives receiving "entitlements ". Who came up with social security, Medicare and Medicaid?
  4. Reallly dude. Trump took a reporter's press pass. A judge ruled that it was unconstitutional.
  6. What topic? If someone asks an idiotic question, i usually ignore the person.
  7. Didnt he take a pic with a member of the Proud Boys
  8. They are declining because employers are requiring that their employees receive the vaccinations.
  9. Yes, a good friend of mine died. I dont know anyone who has died from receiving the vaccination.
  10. Monoclonal antibodies used for the treatment of Covid 19 is new technology. It has been a treatment optkon for less than a year
  11. Trump was vaccinated in Feb. At one of his recent rallies he told people to get vaccinated and he was booed
  12. You are insane. Contrary to what you believe, that is not the protocol when an actor is on the set.
  13. The person in charge of making sure the prop gun was safe told him it was a cold gun. It is not the actor's responsibility.
  14. It is ridiculous. They dont trust the science behind the vaccine, yet they trust the science behind the experimental drugs that are used in the hospital. It is mindboggling.
  15. They are not giving monoclonal antibodies in the hospital. That is an outpatient procedure. P.S. monoclonal antibodies are made in a lab. Why does he trust this process? What does the Tuskegee Experiment have to do with the vaccine? I have taken every vaccine that was recommended, and i am fine
  16. He acted a fool long before he was impeached. Why?
  17. But it is not an accurate number
  18. I wonder if Reagan and Realville thinks that it is over.
  19. Thank you. It was hard to watch. Because I am a RN, I knew how much she was suffering. I received daily reports from the hospital nurses.
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