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  1. Can’t let a single local HS team have more wins at NRG than the Texans will have all season.
  2. I just hope they give him the time he deserves… the new AD I believe is a big basketball guy.
  3. Well that will piss in his cheerios lol.
  4. Okay makes sense now. Thank you. La Vega is always tough. But 8 returners on the offense will make them extremely tough.
  5. Doesn’t La Vega return a lot this year? I thought I read somewhere they did.
  6. Lmao. I know gotta keep the joke running.
  7. The 7 year timeline for a state championship is running out.
  8. I guess if Nederland person wants to call and complain to the UIL raidergirl will be of assistance. She’s got a direct number. LMAO.
  9. No doubt, but these Texas winters in the cold and rain can get brutal. I seen plenty of playoff games at SHSU, a few at SFA, and woodforrest bank stadium in the cold. I really enjoy the ones inside climate control. Lol
  10. We played Vidor a lot more so we witnessed it a lot more on that sense vs PA’s lone trip. but you are absolutely right about BH home cooking since the 90s. I saw what you were talking about on the 2020 game.
  11. Lol. 100% true. BH had the biggest home cooking only one that comes to mind that is worse is Vidor. It has been talked about numerous times on this very board.
  12. Saturday inside NRG stadium would be very nice. Lol not far of a drive for me. Plus no weather factor
  13. Johnnie Walker blue label please. I am excited for Crosby future, going to miss our tough games against each other. They were always competitive.
  14. Then PA wins. BH has that home cooking for them.
  15. I get that, but I wonder if this was Already done before even posted.
  16. @Mr. Buddy Garritywhere do y’all play BH at this year? Crosby vs Longview will be must see.
  17. Is it the one they got from UofH still?
  18. @KF89 you heard about any of the transfers or kids quit 6-7 starters.
  19. Who were some of the players?
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