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  1. Good luck Coach Rhule and Bears. I believe he will do fine in the NFL.
  2. I believe the President did the right thing in taking this guy out. Our country is going to have to start understanding that most of the world hates us. That has been going on long before this President took office. I would rather punch first at a guy who I know is going punch me when he gets a chance. To our Brave Men and Women I pray for your safe return to our great country. We have let our government & media become to large and accustom to doing what ever they wanted to do for who ever they wanted. It is time for hard working Americans to stand up and let the government know what we want. You will have that chance in November.
  3. One of the best matchups in the state. Look for a fast pace game and could come down to has the ball last. This is great having these two teams in our area.
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