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  1. Congratulations Pirates on the Playoff win! Big Thank you to KOGT giving some small school love!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. If so, good luck to him and his staff.
  3. Congratulations Deweyville Pirates on winning the District Championship!
  4. Your stronger districts will start to flex their muscles.
  5. If you guys want turf I hope you all get it. Just remember turf turns a game into a track meet sometimes.
  6. That is correct around 100 apply for some small schools , but 75 of those have been applying for every job in the state 1A to 6A. If it is 25 good candidates then that is pretty good. Facilities are one thing that is going to hurt them in my opinion.
  7. The Ghost is going to help LCM his freshman year as starting PG. JMO
  8. Good luck to all area playoff teams and represent our region well!
  9. Tried of Congress wasting my tax dollars! I will make a formal announcement later, that I will be running for President of The United States!
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