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  1. One of my former screen names is "BHEagle97", my location is "The Hill", my logo is the BH logo, and I've been a member since March of 2011. My cousin, who is several years older than I am, went to Waco Robinson, not Barbers Hill has never coached at BH. This is my final attempt at holding your hand and spoon feeding it to you. Apparently you can lead a "Dude" to facts but you can make him understand them.
  2. I'm guessing it would take the admins about a minute to scroll back and see why I (jokingly) changed my screen name.
  3. First of all, why would I lie about him being my cousin? We're not in 3rd grade. Second, I'm pretty sure he's more concerned with preparing the Hormet football program for success than creating an account here to justify why he took a job. Come on, man.
  4. Because 2wedge already had,, I even said as much in a previous post, but was told I "didn't know crap or facts". Lol.
  5. Cool so Ned (my cousin) left Caney Creek for one reason. Family. His daughter just graduated and is heading off to college. HIs son, who'll be a seventh grader absolutely hated CC. He wanted to go to a 'country' school and did not want to be in a 'city' ever again. Ned wanted to go somewhere where he felt like there was enough talent to have a chance to make the play-offs. He applied at Hardin and 2 other districts. (both were considerably farther distances from Hardin, which is a short drive from where the majority of his family lives) Because of this, and the fact that his in-laws live in Livingston, Hardin was the consensus choice. Anything else I need to clear up for you? " get your facts straight!!"- Mike Gundy
  6. Are you insinuating that I dont know "crap or facts"? Not sure who the "b-plug" was referring to.
  7. 2wedge nailed it with this and his earlier post about why he left Caney Creek. In the words of Carlos Correa, "if you don't know the facts, you gotta shut the f*!& up".
  8. I haven't watched enough HS football to say where he should rank on this list, but I had the "pleasure" of attempting to block him in a scrimmage his senior / my junior year. He was a grown ass man and it was not a pleasant
  9. Hoping Coach Barrier can do something about that.
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