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  1. Alright so now that we all know Nederland won't make the playoffs this year. What does the Crosby offense look like with an actual off-season (with all their offensive pieces) and a full program enacted. what does 1 full year through the program look like for Crosby.
  2. PNG 3rd and Nederland out of playoffs? What makes you think that KWP will be better than Nederland but not PNG?
  3. How's Nederland feel about not making the playoffs this year? How's PNG feel about playing Marshall in first round =-P BH sucks, coming for our district title.
  4. Flannigan typically did the 1 really good team and 2 cupcake schedule, or 2 okay/good teams and an absolute cupcake in the third game.
  5. Angleton Hightower Kempner Milby Wisdom Paetow Manvel Foster (Richmond) Terry (Rosenberg) So you have all 4 teams that made the playoffs last year Angleton, Hightower, Foster and Terry. and you add Manvel, Paetow, and a 6A team that went 5-5 in Kempner. What a fun district for everyone not playing in it.
  6. Nac. might get sent south. Hallsville Jacksonville Texarkana Texas Mount Pleasant Nacogdoches Whitehouse Greenville Sulpher Springs Longview Pine Tree Marshall Gotta find a spot for all 10 of those. I have a feeling Nac gets left out, because Texarkana has nowhere to play but that district. We also have problems in North Austin with like 6 non-Austin ISD 5aD2 schools and 6 Austin ISD schools that are 5a D2
  7. Lol, Lucky break for L-Train don't have to play schools with 700 more kids than them. =-P
  8. They'll go South and get Friendswood and some of those down there.
  9. 5A, DII - Crosby - 1821 5A, DII - Baytown Lee - 1783 5A, DII - Barbers Hill - 1768 5A, DII - Dayton - 1516 5A, DII - Port Neches-Groves - 1505 5A, DII - Nederland - 1452 5A, DII - Lumberton - 1222 Have to think that Lee will play in D1 with GCM and Sterling. If Santa Fe goes down, then we only have 6 teams in this district so far? Who gets pulled in?
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