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  1. I'm still not buying that Crosby is going to end up 5AD1, I could be wrong but there can and has been some movement from initial number released and what the final cutoff actual ends up in February. If we are in 5AD1 then I think you have a very good top of the district with PAM, BH, and Crosby. Those three games will consistently determine everything for those schools.
  2. North Shore is so clutch, I said it and I'm sure a lot of other people did too but this team heard "this isn't a normal North Shore team" doubting them this year.
  3. Two good drives at end of second half, cleaned it up in second half and the shutout commenced.
  4. Great season LH but SOC is exactly who we thought they were. Best defense in all of 5A more than likely and a clutch offense.
  5. Also, |I love the hoodie undershirt things they got at SOC.
  6. Offensive player grabs the defender and wants a PI in HS?
  7. They have the size and speed of a contending 6a football team.
  8. yet only 60% of the site picked them... a lot of people on here don'tt actually watch any football then whats in front of them and then pretend they watch football.
  9. I think Aledo would have handled us defensively pretty well. Not sure which Aledo offense we would see if it was that one that played SOC then maybe we had a chance but unlikely.
  10. they may be waiting for season to end so they can start going after some of these small school coordinators.
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