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  1. Just looked it up. Prieto makes more than I thought he did.
  2. agreed about Bh game... like why is Bh throwing the ball deep against a soft cover 4...
  3. to think we bought a state title run for under 250k total.
  4. everyone is beatable, but I'll eat a crow if yall manage 400 yards rushing.
  5. In district Crosby brings a nearly perfectly balanced offense to bear. 54-86 for 965 yards and 13 passing TD's 135 rush attempts 879 yards and 14 rushing TD's That's exclusively in district play according to max preps, NDN's do not do their stats in maxpreps. anyone got PNG, I know Trahan has been a key weapon.
  6. who the heck knows... I'm going to take Nederland for only one reason. Early in year they had several come from behind victories, and BH is ripe for come from behind victories (see PAM, Crosby.) I genuinely think BH is better team but their discipline and mental game is weak sauce. Nederland has those two levels on lockdown.
  7. Do yall have the ability to replicate that BH o-line? I don't think yall go into this game thinking we are going to run the ball for 400 yards if you do this one will be over by half-time.
  8. Only thing I worry about in this game is Fatigue. Our starting wide-outs play safety, PNG has shown the ability to throw deep on basically every play. More run plays called bigger win for the cougars in this one. I think we will maul PNG at line of scrimmage on both sides. However, we have shown inability to cover good deep ball throwers and good underneath gameplans. I take the cougars by 28 but think we give up a lot of points and have to skate away in the 3rd quarter/4th quarters. 57-28
  9. TC Run for 6 TC run got 30 ish TC run for 0 ballgame 57-28
  10. onside goes out of bounds, Crosby ball on own 45. 1st and 10 back up offense is in. -1 yard on run. 2 yard run screen by Luke Smith, Crosby 1st and 10 at 15. Run for 1 Eudy for 5. Luke smith for 2 4th and 2 yards. on the 7. no good TOD Tc gets ball on own 7 with :56 left. side note Javier might have a new job tomorrow.
  11. TC takes over own 30 1st and 10. 33 yard run on the 2's now. 37 yard td run, our 2's are really really bad lol. 57-28 guess it makes TC feel better.
  12. 1st and 10 in 50 for Cougars. Kirkwood run for -4 quick slant dropped by Womack tough ball. Screen to Kirkwood for 9 4th and 5 from TC 45. Free Play and pass catch to Womack for 9 1st down 1st down and 10 from TC 36 screen to Kirkwood for 5 Td Womack for 31 yard TD. TC was playing zero coverage to stop run so we just threw it over top. 57-21 Cougars 4th
  13. Cougars takeover on own 36. 1st and 10 Miles checks ball nothing to get on that one. Draw looks like negative ends up +1 3rd and 9 from 37. miles Sacked -2 Crosby Punting. punt team out. Time Out Crosby 7:04 in 4th Score 50-21 Crosby was last in punt formation. Roughing the kicker Crosby ball.
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