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  1. He also has another year to get bigger. Maybe a bit more weight and they might see him as a DLinemen in a 4-3
  2. McCoy Casey has to be getting some offers you'd think.
  3. Aledo destroys anyone coming out of R3 last year. The only ones who would have had a chance would have been Marshall but they self imploded against Crosby and didn't earn the shot. Marshall's Wide receiver combo would have caused problems for the defense if Aledo tried to play them straight up, thus rolling coverages would have likely given more shots to FBM as they seemed to be a better passing team this year.
  4. I don't think Crosby will start as the favorite. Fort Bend Marshall Huntsville Crosby Would be my order.
  5. Sounds like a West Dallas person talking.
  6. It’s West Fort Worth, the joke was that Fort Worth is really just Dallas but people too ashamed to admit it.
  7. We lose all of our top offensive weapons. McCoy Casey is maybe the only defensive starter returning (great to have the district defensive MVP back) I believe 2-3 of the offensive lineman are back. Who's got insight? I hear the Cyrin Miles kid is pretty good. is it a two headed monster at RB? or will Jones or Smith take the job outright? Looks like Kirkwood and Womack are returning at receiver. Can Womack run the ball like Wilson did from the inside position? Will Kirkwood turn that big frame into a big play receiver? He hit that b
  8. I would assume this given that awesome playoff run they had. a fumble from a state title game.
  9. Traditionally the MVP's don't take up an all district 1st or 2nd team spot. Also, defensively they have basically the entire Cougar defense on district 1st team or MVP Crosby's starting defense has literally 1 starter not on 1st or 2nd team or MVP. I guess it just shows how wrong coaches opinions were going into the playoffs. Fuselier is a really good player but he's not Branch or Dunn. That final district loss apparently swayed coaches who likely didn't even watch the film because they had no incentive to. Branch second team QB is just silly.
  10. Great season! Best team we've ever had. Now those juniors need to continue that next year.
  11. Great season! Best team we've ever had. Now those juniors need to continue that next year.
  12. "Ain't really trip on the credit, I just payed all of my dues I disrespected the game, now my name all in the news Trippin' on all of my moves Quote me on this, got a lot more to prove" Nipsey Hussle time to disrespect the champs.
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