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  1. Congrats on the win HF!!! Both teams played hard and do not have any reason to hang head. Good teams capitalize off of other teams mistakes and that is what HF accomplished. Not taking anything away from HF but didn’t see the crispness that gives EC the edge. An example is HF had 4 and long at around EC 25, it was an incomplete pass but ruffing the QB gave HF first down which they turned into TD. Another was on a quick kick snap over head which he picked up and instead of getting punt off he ran ball out of bounds giving HF short field. There are plenty of other decisions by both teams but these kinds of decision can make a good team reach the next level. Another thing EC missed was endurance. HF wore down EC defense and again good teams capitalize off of it. The whole second half EC offense was the second-string back field because of an injury and the rest cramps. The offense and defense were cramping. I saw defense pull up on a HF long run because of cramps. Again Congrats HF on doing what it took for the win. EC will be fine but will have to work on some things.
  2. Heard that HF had a bunch of move in from Beaumont that was ineligible for varsity and had to play JV. I don't know if that's true but from two different sources. I do know that EC has 3 soph and 3 freshman on varsity that would start on JV. I'm not saying the score would be any different but it would help EC JV team. I think this is the first game EC JV lost this year but they did lose big. Congrats HF on the win and the future looks good if they stay on track.
  3. Watching the little film that I did, HF had a ton of snaps pass the QB. I didn't know QB was knocked out 1st half. I did notice both QB played. My assessment is HF will have the size advantage on both side's of the ball and will try to establish the run on the inside on offense, mixed up with a lot of passing. EC will have the all around team speed advantage, and try to establish run on outside tackle to sideline mixed up with few inside runs with passing mixed in. If EC can't control the line they will struggle. I do think this will be good game for both teams. Hope and pray that both teams walk off the field healthy and better men!!!!!!! My assessment are just words on a screen and will have no effect on who wins or who loses.
  4. I think that's a good assessment, but will have to establish the running game which will help their passing game. HF is strong at the QB position and has some receivers. This will be a good test for EC passing game for the playoffs.
  5. EC definitely needs to clean up fumbles. They let HJ score on 2nd team defense at end of the game. EC will be fine but this is a rivalry game and it is in HF.
  6. I agree with that. EC needs to clean up some things.
  7. How do you say HF didn't struggle when you lost. I watch bits and peace's of film and yes both HF QB's had a hard time with the deep snap but that's part of the game. HF did fumble in the red zone but Hugh Springs is ranked in the 30's in 3AD1 on most polls and HF should not have struggled. You can justify the lost with if this happened or if that happened but you lost by 7 to average 3A school. Your right we can talk all we want but we will find out tomorrow night. The stat's I saw was HF passing 249 rushing 26 total 275 (Not 465). Hughes Springs passing 47 rushing 219 total 266. Looks like HF is a passing team this year.
  8. HF struggling with Hughes Springs is not a good sign for them. I'll take EC by 21.
  9. EC will have to clean up some things. HJ ran the slot T with some success at times. It was a good experience for EC to see some smash mouth up the middle football. Now on to HF !!!! I heard that HF is working on grass and the game may be moved to EC? Anybody know for sure where the game is ?
  10. I think they have a coaching change but the kids will be older and better.
  11. I would like to see EC vs Grandview in another region 3 Final !!!!! You have to play the best to be the best !!!! They will be tough again this year.
  12. I was worried about the offense and defense line for EC because we lost a lot but, I thought they did very well against Liberty's big guys.
  13. That's kinda light for Kirbyville or any team.
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