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  1. I'm trying to figure out top five losses in district. I'm going to put what I think but I know it's probably not accurate so correct it. East Chambers 6-1 ; Lost to Buna Woodville 5-2 ; Lost to EC and Kountze Buna 5-2 ; Lost to Woodville and Anahuac Kountze 5-2 ; Lost to EC and Buna Anahuac 4-3 ; Lost to EC, Kountze and Woodville. Kirbyville 2-5 Newton 1-6 Warren 0-7
  2. Good game Anahuac, down to the last second. I notice that one of the starters (KK) for EC was not at the game. EC looked a little out of sync at times. This game could have gone either way.
  3. Buna came back from being down 10 or 12 points and put EC down by 6 or 7 in the 4th. Good job Buna!!!! That is what happens when you don't give up. Great Game and good luck with rest of the season. We'll see you in Buna next time and maybe pay you back. lol
  4. He will be a good one. Kountze had some good height and played a great game. This one could have went either way. Good luck with season !!!!
  5. Thanks for the update and good luck with the season !!!!
  6. Nice win Buna !!!! This district could get interesting. EC over Newton by 1 in OT. Anahuac by 1 over Kirbyville.
  7. Dang I should have went. Good game Newton !!!! This district could get interesting, Anahuac 38 Kirbyville 37.
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