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Mikaela Stegall of LCM committs to UT - Tyler

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 Mikaela Stegall from LCM High School and a member of Orange Crush Gold has committed to continue her softball career at the University of Texas - Tyler. Mikaela is an extremely fast, and smart outfielder that will help UT Tyler stay at the top in their conference. Congrats Mikaela and good luck in your future at UT Tyler. Coach Reed got him a good one ! We at Orange Crush are extremely proud of what you have accomplished

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    • Cops and Black Males
      And this is what is being promoted by Hillary at the DNC with the speakers she had lined up.  Why won't Yobammy or Hillary speak out against these thugs?  Guess their votes are more important.
    • Need to Read...
      I would tend to differ on the opinion of any credibility of NBC and their scams over the years such as the Trayvon Martin case where the falsified evidence but let's not quibble over NBC being caught in a lie. You stated "they disbanded the police department". To prove that, you posted a news article that says the appointed an interim chief. Well for a news flash, Port Arthur now has an interim chief after theirs retired. That is not disbanding the department.  Face it, you made a false statement and there is no way to make it better by saying they now have a new chief. I don't think you intentionally lied but only spouted off about something you had no clue about.  What is interesting and nothing to do with Ferguson specifically as their fault but after the feds stepped in, Ferguson got Andre Anderson as the interim chief. He was reported in the article that you posted that he could be the permanent chief. Well, until someone started checking on him. This knight in shining armor that came to rescue Ferguson.... well, he has been suspended three times in the past including falsifying government documents.  I guess the people at Ferguson are hard to please because after looking into the interim chief's background, found out that he might be less than desirable.  So you don't have to ponder whether I am credible, all you need to do is simply read the "evidence" that you posted that refutes your claim of the department being "disbanded". 
    • Hillary has Michael Brown's mother speaking at the DNC
      That is a bunch of nonsense. It has no bearing on the case. In fact what he claims was said, is said all the time.  Let's see, the other officer claims that the trooper said something like, I am not sure what I am booking her for. Yep, that is often the case when you can file several charges on a person and have to decide which is the best or how many charges you might stack on a person.  Texas law allows for the arrest of any offense except speeding or open container in a vehicle. Having a burned out license plate light is grounds for an arrest even if you did not know it was out. Pull up to a stop sign and then decide to turn and put on your blinker? That can result in a lawful arrest for failure to signal a turn with 100 feet before the turn.  The US Supreme Court in Atwater v. Lago Vista was a Texas case over the arrest of a woman and taking her to jail over a seat belt violation. The SC basically said, "Oh well".  In this case Bland was seen in a traffic violation and was told that she was under arrest. That is a lawful arrest. She then resisted arrest (all on camera). She appears to have struck the officer. She did commit the crime of Interference With Public Duties.  For an officer to say he doesn't know which charges to file on a person is common. Should he file all lawful charges? Some of them? The most serious? The minimum? I would venture to say that the officer who is supposed to have reported hearing those words, has done exactly the same thing.  Assuming the officer's claims are entirely correct, what does it mean to the traffic stop which was on video and audio recording? You can see the crimes easily except for the original traffic stop. Now if this officer wanted to testify that the trooper said something like, "I never saw her fail to signal intent of a turn and made it up", that would be of some substance. To hear an officer say he doesn't know what to book her on probably happens several times a day. The officer's claim testimony as told in the article offers nothing to do with the Bland arrest. 
    • Cops and Black Males
      Call a congressional representative or maybe a member of your city council. I am sure they will get up at 3:00AM and come to the rescue. 
    • Michelle obama' s speech she nailed it
      More straw man argument with the "passion" given by Democrats. "We feel your pain!!".  With tears in her eyes Obama claims her daughters NOW believe a woman can be president. Give me a break. Nope, until the smartest woman in the country came along, no one believed a woman could even be the president. And if you believe that, I just acquired the Washington Monument and am willing to let it go cheap. Make me an offer......... Then it goes on that Hillary did not get angry or disillusioned after losing in 2008... well, not after she met with Obama and he agreed to name her Secretary of State if she would endorse him at the convention. Oh well, little details.  But wait, Michelle has more. She knows that Hillary has never quit anything "in her life". How does she know that? Well, just trust Michelle, she knows.... what a speech writer told her. "I want a president who will teach our children that everyone in the country matters". That might be the biggest straw man of all but there are so many to choose from. What a bunch of fluff and gibberish. Yep, since her husband has been in office over 7 years, I thought that would already have been accomplished.  To be sure, all of the speakers have someone write and/or assist in editing. There is fluff from almost everyone to some extent. Obama was no different than the rest. She had a very impassioned delivery style and had women crying ... but said practically nothing.  What is unfortunate is that someone will think this really shows something and it shows nothing. Our founding fathers wanted freedom, each child wants to matter..... and other profound statements that no one would argue with. No substance is apparently great to be a "great speech". All we need is some tears and a few straw men in there and it will be legendary.  And Trump doesn't offer much in the way of details either. I talk in almost every election how the Dems talk in fluff and feelings and put forth nothing and now the Republicans have someone who is doing the same. 
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