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  1. Silsbee has canceled school tomorrow. All basketball games tomorrow night are canceled and moved to Wednesday evening with JV at 5:30 and Varsity to follow. 
  2. Hamshire-Fannett 54 Anahuac 44 
  3. Hamshire-Fannett 46  Tarkington 44 
  4. Hamshire-Fannett 70 Hemphill 24 
  5. Hamshire-Fannett won 59-54 in overtime.
  6. Updated/Corrected open dates available: Nov. 20th Dec. 1st, 8th, and 12th  
  7. Looking to fill open dates at Hamshire-Fannett.  The available dates are Nov. 20, Dec. 1, Dec. 8, and Dec. 15. Looking for home games (trying to balance out the schedule but will travel if needed) or Home and Away if possible. Would like to play Varsity, JV, and Freshman on these days but can make it work if not possible .  Call, text or email. Thanks for your time. Coach Bethea  254-631-9193 
  8. Starks, LA 35 Bridge City 30
  9. Briles to Houston?

    I understand your point. It bothered me because a lot of times people assume if you work with someone or hang out with someone, you are like them.  I am sure everyone can relate to that.   Trust me, my family would be the first to tell someone if they are doing or did something wrong.   Hook'em Horns!!!     
  10. Briles to Houston?

    Your comment "Briles has cheated everywhere he's coached.  And if your dad was one if his assistants, there's a strong likelihood that your dad's been involved in some of this as well." ....this isn't accusing or defamation?  I didn't get on here to argue with you or anyone.  I expressed my opinion just like you. Whether you change your mind or not is irrevelant.  You have your mind made up and nothing will change that....  and that is ok.  I was taking up for Briles.  I wasn't taking up for any rapists. I am not apologizing for any rapists.  No woman should ever be treated with insensitivity and disrespect from anyone. Rape is NEVER ok.  I have daughters and I worry about them all the time.... and if something happened to them, no one would be covering up anything.  Charges would be pressed.  Media alerted immediately. As a parent, I would not be silent. I can't imagine what any of them felt or went through.....BTW,  I am a lifelong Texas Longhorn fan. Dad is a U of H grad. He loves the Cougars. See we have different opinions LOL  
  11. Briles to Houston?

    First off, I am a newbie only because I choose to not reply to most forums and topics. I read things on this website everyday now for quite a few years. You move up by your replies and posts.  Granted, this is an opinion site and most people do have an opinion. (I agree with some, disagree with some).  Sometimes this is worse than facebook.  Like I said I choose to not reply much because of my profession...... You are an example of your business/career you work so I am careful not to embarass it.... I will address some comments: First, my dad or I do not condone cheating.  We do not condone breaking the law. You do not know me or my dad.  He is respected by a lot of coaches in Texas. So please do not assume or make accusations.  It is called slander and defamation of character. .... If I thought Briles tried to cover-up, I would not be taking up for him. If I thought he asked someone to cover-up, I would not be taking up for him.... I haven't personally talked to him, but I have read all the reports and the other reports that are out there.  Why did Liberty hire Ian McCaw as AD? Obviously, they investigated and found Baylor University to be more at fault.  2nd, I feel for those victims and their families.  Those young ladies did not deserve what happened to them...... Baylor University failed them. If you want to fault Briles, go ahead but also put blame with all the administrators and all of the Board of Regents too. Blame Baylor, not Briles....... I know some are trying to make me look insensitive and you want to look like a great person on this site. Its like facebook.  Tough on the computer only. Keyboard Cowboys obviously. 
  12. Briles to Houston?

    You people crack me up.  You have no idea what kind of person Coach Briles is. You people are so stuck on listening to ESPN and ESPN only. Most people don't like Briles because he is a winner and his teams have success because of the hard work they put in to achieve success.  My Dad was an assistant coach under him and my brother played for him in High School. He is a Christian, family oriented man.  Did bad things happen under his watch? Yes and he knows that he needed to do a better job.  Did he cover-up anything? No he didn't. Look up the investigated reports by local reporters out of Waco.  Briles did not cover-up or condone such behavior. Did some of his players act like fools and do inappropriate/criminal acts? Yes. Is it Coach Briles fault? No. These young men made choices. Every choice has a consequence whether its good or bad. People say "well he brought them in." My response is every college has the same problem. Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher have brought in players that have got in trouble with the law. Look at Tennesse recently. Their situation was way worse than Baylor yet it got little attention. Our society (actually better parenting if you get down to it) has to do a better job of raising our boys to be respectful and better men.....  Briles does have a fault.  He wants to try to save every kid he comes in contact with and help them be a better person. He will tell you he is in the "kid saving business" like all teachers and coaches in our profession should be trying to do. I am a coach (Girls high school basketball coach) and I have learned from this man and my dad as well on coaching philosophy from my time spent being around him. ... Quit judging people when you have probably done worse in your own lifetime.