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  1. Best 8th graders 2018

    Im at a little Tournament right now with 7th and 8th graders and ima just say United got some future guards coming up that are nice. These boys can play     
  2. So your saying we had coaches who applied for the job just becaues they could? Cause from what your saying there was no restrictions, coaches just applied and turned it down Also Why interview for a coaching job if your not willing to move there??  Not saying your right or wrong but this is not the same information i was receiving   
  3. I really understand what your saying Grad, and he very well may be the one but I just wish they would have giving everyone fair opportunity . Instead of interviewing coaches and telling them who they could and couldn’t bring. To me that’s a bias process.
  4. Tbh, me as a future United parent and ones ive been around and talked to all wanted an outside hire, i really think this was all the Boards doing...I feel they wanted the buddy-buddy thing, not us as football parents, cus we knew better and knew if we wanted our kids to be the most successful and play at the highest level and be competitive we needed someone outside of the usual norm.. I was personally a fan of Botkin as well as Lydell but Peterman would have been just as good if not better then both.
  5. His name was on the list 
  6. More power to you brother, idk how you aint called up there yet to give them a piece of your mind on how this process was handled lol
  7. I would think so...Our only saving grace for that is, both schools at least have decent candidates, and if they choose to go old school like Louis it would be Boutte
  8.   It’s decisions and stuff like this that makes it hard to support your own. Like it’s just not fair to the candidates or the kids. Sometimes black people really are our own worse enemy . I know it’s not life or death but I just hate the way this process went  l know I’ve been harping about this a lot but that’s because I have a kid who will be in the 6th grade next year smh 
  9. Please tell me thats just a rumor with no truth to it
  10. This had all the makings to be really good. Dont get me wrong i like Louis but how do you hire him over Peterman, Boytkin , Lydell and names like that?  Ill never understand how you tell a coach he cant hire his own staff, but like @Whoa jyst said. BISD just wants to do the Buddy buddy system..i feel bad for the kids, cause there the ones effected by these decisions
  11. This is nothing but a sh** show. You start off by not giving the kids what they wanted as far as the hurricanes mascot becaues you didnt wanna step on anyones toes.  Then you get to the coaching hiring process, and totally lay an egg. How do you tell a coach he cant bring in his own corrodinators? Like are you trying to hire a quality coach or not. I really believe,  its because they want to hire from within like BISD is known to do
  12. So I’m guessing Botkin is out, and Whoever gets it has to keep coaches from the previous 2 schools?
  13. *Logs back off* smh
  14. Gotta be talking about Louis or Brooks 
  15. So does that mean the coach Alpha Was talking about didn’t make it?