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  1. Beaumont United Logo Revealed

    I really like Minnesota’s uniforms but Arizona State or C.Michigan won’t be bad at all
  2. Beaumont United Logo Revealed

    Ahhhh I was hoping they’d go Gold Helment like Minnesota University,  lol I’m just start wishing for things I don’t want, cus obviously the stuff I’m hoping for isn’t happening so ..
  3. Summer 7on7 Tourneys

    Westbrook JV can prob beat alot of teams around here. , nothing to feel bad about
  4. Summer 7on7 Tourneys

    Yea coach said this was there first time doing any activity,  and it showed.  But the talent is there, just gotta get thoes ones walking the hallways and Gel. United will be fine going forward
  5. Summer 7on7 Tourneys

    Lol yea that was a wired one, i guess nobody thought to keep score
  6. Summer 7on7 Tourneys

    Yea heard HF looked good and had pretty good skill players. Also heard they got a transfer from Ozen who is playing really good
  7. Summer 7on7 Tourneys

    Im out here and just a little update from teams ive seen Westbrook ended up sending there Upcoming JV, and man thoes guys can play some ball. Probably the best team out here United has some athletes, tlked to the coach and theyre still waiting for a few players but majority of them are out there..they played decent. They kinda look like a new franchise just starting with athletes..No chemistry basically but they have some dudes. Got it going after the 1st game. QB has a decent arm, WRs got speed, they just need some time to gel an theyll get better .  GCM has some nice looking players. QB play wasnt as good 1st game but the 2nd game they connected on 4 or 5 i think. got a good set of WRs. Silsbee probably was the only other team i seen an they have some athletes and good concepts.  Good looking kids, i look for Silsbees to have a good year
  8. Summer 7on7 Tourneys

    How is GCM looking this year, any reason to be optimistic?
  9. Summer 7on7 Tourneys

    Will the "U" be there? 
  10. Summer 7on7 Tourneys

    Yea in eager to see them, hope to catch them at a local tounry soon Heard they have one coming up at Legacy next week and Kelly week.after. not sure who all will be in attendance 
  11. Summer 7on7 Tourneys

    Lol I passed by, it was to hot to get out but from what i seen i think  Westbrook Memorial P.N.G  Silsbee Jasper Kelly LCM  Im not sure if i seen United or not 
  12. Guess we can now start a 7on7 touney list I know Westbrook held one today. Any idea what teams was there? Did United put a team out?
  13. Can’t really say Greatest, about 15years ago Central had an athlete come out name Ivory Williams who also ran a sub 10.2 100, plus 200 and 4x1, and ended up making Olympic teams... like someone stated earlier  It’s been allot of great athletes to come thru these parts so I wouldn’t ya someone was the greatest 
  14. Beaumont United Applicant List

    Knew it was possibility But I’m still kinda surprised Boutte didn’t apply 
  15. I sitill like the Yellow Helment and Maroon Jersey like the Minnesota Gophers