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  1. What if Central and Ozen combine?

    I can see that to, thats how it was with my Son , Southend and Aves went to Central. my only thing was if you gone send South Beaumont to Ozen you Midas well send The Whole.South to Ozen including Southend and Aves cus at the end of the day they're still to different Neighborhoods and its the non Athletes you had to worry about having problems., which I'm sure you know.what I mean by that  And if you gone send North Beaumont to Central send the Whole North Beaumont to Central including Vothz, & Park North and Tram. us thats nothing but Deep North while letting Bevil Oaks go WB.. I can see either way tho, 
  2. What if Central and Ozen combine?

    If BISD stayed with 3 I would love for it to be everything south of College and East of I10, go to Ozen (Avenues, Pear Orchard, South End, South park , Tyrell Park) Central has , everything North of college and North of I10 and East of HWY 96 , North end (Magnolia, Concord, Lucas, ect)  Helbig, Vothz, Old Town, Park North  Westbrook gets Everything West of 10 and HWY 96 also (some of cheeks, Nome, China) Tram Road can just split on rather they go to Central.or Westbrook  I hope i explaned that right lol
  3. What if Central and Ozen combine?

    Good, cus the way it is now, Westbrook is practically stealing Ozens kids , so rather they divied or not they need to start enforcing these zones, cus they're practically suffocating Ozen 
  4. What if Central and Ozen combine?

    Yea, if they end up combining who ever the coach is, he has to be able to get  the kids out the hallways and out the neighborhoods and back on the field, and.get the parents to stop sending the kids out the Northend and Pear Orchard to Westbrook..  If he can coach worth a flip I can see instant success 
  5. Memorial is the team to beat in 22-5A this year, but Central if anyone will test them 
  6. Jimbo fisher is now an Aggie

    Idk about that I really believe the big 12 as a whole was better then the SEC top to bottom this year  As far as coaching , only time will tell  TCU imo has the best coaching in the State 
  7. Jimbo fisher is now an Aggie

    Big hire indeed...im excited to see Jimbo against the SEC, with Texas recruits...
  8. Central/Ozen UIL situation

    I could be wrong but i heard it was, as well as other things with people outta that side of town (Herbert, ect)   That's why they had so many portables at bith schools at one time
  9. Central/Ozen UIL situation

    Ahhhh so is this school being built next to the Thomas stadium??   And most likely parents will start back sending there kids into BISD schools, if that's the case with over 120,000 pop wouldn't they become crowded which Is why Ozen was built in the first place?? Cause I do work in the city and the amount of kids in elementary and middle school is almost 2x the amount in highschool now
  10. CFP Play-Off Rankings/Scenarios

    The Auburn vs OU matchup would be very interesting  Baker vs that Auburn Defense,  good front and good secondary ..hes proven he can carve up the best of them tho (Ohio State, TCU,  Texas , even Iowa State)
  11. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    Didn't see 6-6 coming, we let games slip away, the offense has to get better, the one good thing about all this is even with sub-par play we have the #2 recruiting class that could eventually be #1 if we get some key targets,  my only concern is we didn't get any help in our biggest place of concern (O-line & DT) .  I can't say I'm not concerned cause I am, but we have to be 10x better next season for me to consider this hire a success , that also includes being smart as a coach and putting The kids in better situations    Cus doesn't matter how well you recruit if you can't utilize them to winning games eventually they'll stop coming and were right back to square one 
  12. PN-G vs College Station

    Lol yea I saw it, Advantages of recruiting..dont forget about the starting RB that transferred to New Caney ..but still imo they had no business beating CS like that..imo CS has problems when you have a good QB , Plus Pius Defense is Above Average at best and CS couldn't score at times..P.N.G has seen better defenses trust me (Memorial, & possibly Nederland) ..
  13. PN-G vs College Station

    You talking about the same C.Station that lost to a Tapps team??? Don't get me wrong it was a very good Tapps team but still 
  14. PN-G vs College Station

    I think yall are giving CS to much credit...indeed they are a good team but yall are making them seem unbeatable...i feel P.N.G will be as to out up points on there defense , is just if P.N.G defense can stop them..i see a high scoring game to be honest 
  15. Central/Ozen UIL situation

    If we wanna keep the big Cat theme and a piece of Ozen and Central how about the  Cougars with Maroon (central) and Gold (ozen) America