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  1. Jalen Hurts Transferring

    Shane Buchele Transfering to SMU. Good for him The ponies seemed like the best fit, No starting QB and he should have some talent around him , not to mention he’s back home , being from Arlington. hope to see big things this year in Dallas 
  2. Early Signing Period

    Alabama is a thorn in every Schools side...I know LSU probably thought they had Sospher in the bag , for him to leave LSU and go to Bama has to hurt  but like I said earlier, I just think signing 23 300 players, you’ll have a lot of Transfers Starting next year. Kids arent mentally tough anymore, and want to be on the field 
  3. Early Signing Period

    Florida, having a hell of a day...Mullen is go8n to have Florida back in the spotlight in a few seasons 
  4. Early Signing Period

    Also, idk if it’s just me, but I’ll never understand kids, just signing to Schools like Bama, just so they can say there classes is loaded up, and having multi stars at one position, not realizing they did the same the last two or 3 recruiting cycles, then transfering,  I just see to many going places to be with friends, but not doing it for them and thinking it through 
  5. Early Signing Period

    I think Teams like LSU and Tennessee will move the most,  Bama, UGA, Tex, A&M and OU are pretty much set, unless LSU lands all there targets which I doubt, but it could happen,  if it does I think they jump into the top 3 and bumps out OU
  6. Coaching Carousel

    My apologies a lot of my text got deleted , but Bodie Reeder FCS OC at Eastern Washington was the coach the alumni have been mentioning    I was just being funny about Fine, as a players/coach      
  7. Jimbo Fisher's Aggies

    Jimbo is making a great impact, for him to come in and just take the state the way he did is crazy. The real test will come next season though. Everyone loves that new car smell, but once that’s gone what do you have??  Hopefully Jimbo can keep it up and at least get his share of Texas recruits, cus honestly I don’t see Herman or Fisher just dominating the State anymore like these past two seasons,,
  8. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    What Herman has done in the recruiting cycle this season is nothing short of amazing , being able to lose the state (for the most part) to A&M and Jimbo, but still have a top 3 class is crazy.. not to many schools have a national brand like that, to be able to lose there state and still have a top recruiting class. kudos to Herman,
  9. Coaching Carousel

    Well we just lost our OC to USC,  i see this a lot like when Strong landed Gilbert from Tulsa...The ship is sinking and he needed to make a hire fast..I strongly believe Helton will be out as USC coach this time next season.   intrested to see what Littrell does here  i would love for us to look at Former TCU OC Doug Meachem , only downfall is if he comes in and has major success, he won’t be there long, but neither will Littrell so maybe HC in waiting??  Also Mason Fine, our QB a few years ago is a name the alumni have been mentioning., 
  10. Jalen Hurts Transferring

    As an unbias fan, To be completely honest they're both the same type of QB, run first,  I would say Sam is a better passer though, while Jalen is the better runner.  The difference is Sam runs the type of offense that fits him for 2+ yrs. While Jalen is in a pass first with no experience, but he still will be a weapon in Rileys offense, Im pretty sure he's going to mold a little more to Jalen and play to his strengths.
  11. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    He should def look at SMU, they just lost there starter Hicks plus it’s closer to his home town , 
  12. Do they have a real chance???

    I’m fairly new to this Forum, I’m usually in college and sometimes Highschool football.. I haven’t seen united play , but I know of the other girls teams, Just looking at United’s schedule , them seem legit,  in region 3 IMO all they have to worry about is Jersey Village, not sayin those other teams y’all named can’t play, but I’ve seen Jersey village come up here and take a very good Desoto team to OT...If they can defeat them The real test won’t come til after when they get matched up with a Dallas Area team (Cedar Hill, Mansfield Timberview, Duncanville, and Desoto) imo from what I’ve seen these 4 teams can play with anybody in the country, and should be The favorite at State but like I said, I haven’t seen United but they seem to be pretty good..
  13. Final AP Top 25

    Yea not this forum, but it’s everywhere else, I look at ESPN, BR, etc.,  but like I said 10+ wins is very obtainable for Texas and even a Confrence Championshop but I just don’t know about playoffs, but it’s still positive steps so, I guess it just depends on how you look at it, cus by some Texas fans standards if they don’t make the playoffs next season it’s a fail, so that’s why I stated that. 
  14. Jalen Hurts Transferring

    Even though I’m not a fan of out of state teams, Okie State is a Good QB away from being good again,  Offense has tons of Weapons, and I love that RB Hubbard, Defense isn’t bad either. If they can get a transfer I can see Okie State being a contender. Another team I feel is a good QB away is TCU Has all the weapons around , to make a QB come in and be successful early. Defense should also be better then last year, plus you have Gary Patterson at coach so you would have to think it’s an attracticr place..   if Both these teams land a QB the big 12 just became that much better , You now go from maybe 3 teams to 5 teams who could be in Dallas..   P.S, I wouldn’t want Tate Martell, major talent but dude is a can of worms waiting to be open (brat) 
  15. Final AP Top 25

    I may be on a lone islands here other then Aggie and Sooner fans lol, but I believe Texas is being over hyped and will probably have a big let down..,just my opinon  now im not saying they won’t have a winning season and poss play in a NY6 bowl, but I do think ppl putting them in the playoffs already , are doing to much.. I see 2-3 losses, next year, still a successful season but ppl already pegging them in the playoffs, needs to pump the breaks imo....