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  1. It was a hard fought physical game 
  2. End of 3 Raiders 49 Panthers 39
  3. Halftime  Raiders 32 Panthers 24
  4. Varsity set to start at 7:30 give or take
  5. 12/15 22-5A Predictions

    Yeah highlighted teams are my picks. I haven’t seen or heard anything about Vidor. Just picking because I saw Memorial barely beat y’all. Think I saw where Vidor beat Central pretty good in a tourney. Just saying! Don’t know anything about Memorial either. Know Livingston is normally pretty tough. No nuthin about Ned either. Of course I’m gonna pick Lumberton. That’s a homer pick. It can be done, but not if we play like we did against y’all Tuesday! We are young and have to improve every game! 
  6. Beaumont Ozen at Lumberton Livingston at Port Neches-Groves Nederland at Beaumont Central Port Arthur Memorial at Vidor Thoughts, discussions?
  7. I've known you for years,  Seems like this guy has you pegged! lol
  8. Not if we play like we did against PNG! Too many missed layups, free throws, and turnovers. Gonna take a much better effort tonight.
  9. He'd probably been run off during his first two-a-days! That's if he made it through his first off season!
  10. They are all good. Have a few freshman having to step up and help out the upperclassman. But it will all be alright. Somethings happen for the best.
  11. Saw the same post about this kid on Facebook this morning. Very impressive when people talk this highly of his potential after a first impression.
  12. Good question. I agree about Coach Tae!
  13. So you feel pretty confident that they will merge Central and Ozen? From everything I’ve been ready on Facebook, a lot of people feel the same way.