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  1. It’s fun! Totally different than school ball. Only thing I didn’t like was dealing with parents. I just like to coach. Enjoyed the kids!
  2. Naw, done. He was 7th grade this year
  3. Southwestern in Georgetown 
  4. By the time I have to worry about it again we’ll be back in 5A. I’m just gonna enjoy watching my oldest on Saturday’s for the next three years and then start over with my youngest.
  5. Ha ha! You’re funny!
  6. Silsbee vs WOS - Regional Finals

    I gotta go with WOS in this one. So much of football is mental and I believe WOS has the mental edge over Silsbee. Do the Tigers really believe they can beat the Stangs? Or as soon as something goes wrong will that doubt sink into their minds? That's the question I'm wondering!
  7. The competition is great. Every recruit and player has that special skill. What sets them apart is mental toughness and work ethic! I think RJ has both! He'll compete well and do fine.  
  8. Congrats Indians on a good season. Was exciting watching and listening to RJ play the last 3 seasons. Special kid. Look forward to seeing him in burnt orange. 
  9. Work laptop VPN from Akron so I can get on some sites that are blocked over here. Sports sites are blocked over here locally along with a lot of other sites. Even got to watch Dem Boyz beat down them Aints last night!!!
  10. Henderson 41 Lumberton 0/FINAL

    No. BISD and TAPPS. Youth football in Lumberton. 
  11. Henderson 41 Lumberton 0/FINAL

    When I was coaching, a good friend of mine who is a very successful coach, gave us all some good advice. Before you take a coaching job, look at the size of the band. If the band numbers are larger than the football program numbers, look elsewhere. So now I catch myself always looking at the size of a schools band and booster club in comparison to the size of their football teams and athletic boosters. Tends to show priorities of the community.
  12. Henderson 41 Lumberton 0/FINAL

    Now this is good! Wish more had this attitude!
  13. Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving from Saudi Arabia! Thanks for keeping the updates coming!! Eat some bird for me! God Bless!!