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  1. Beaumont Central @ Lumberton

    I agree with ya. I played for Sedberry and Dixon was his D.C. IMO, the 2 best coaches Central has had was Sedberry and Stowers, Dixon was a good D.C. That was his strong suit. We were very disciplined under him. Wished he would've remained D.C. for a few more years. I have known Jeff for along time and believe that he will do good things at Central now. He should've gotten the Ozen job again a couple of years ago but someone put a stop to it and that someone wanted Blake. I just don't know him very well. Never coached with him before. He was after my time. 
  2. Port Neches-Groves @ Beaumont Central

    Yes I hate that tune also. Never heard it much when I was at Central! But since I moved to Lumberton, seems like I hear it all the damn time!
  3. PNG @ Vidor prediction

    Oh yeah! Finally! You can do more than just interior design!
  4. Beaumont Central @ Lumberton

    Coach Wash was a good coach and is a better man. You should've played for him in the late 80's & early 90's and you would've really seen ole school tear some arse up. Wash, Dixon, & Savaet as a group! Think he just got caught up in bad timing. Heard he's doing some good things @ Kelly with their defense.
  5. Beaumont Central @ Lumberton

    Not I. Tonight's the community pep rally starting at 5pm.
  6. Beaumont Central @ Lumberton

    I was thinking more along the lines of us running the table starting this Friday night! Outside of that happening, I would love to help my fellow Jags out!
  7. 8 HR RULE?

    This thread is ridiculous! Same as the PNG Defense Needs Help cause we're unhappy about our coaches having their head up their arse thread! Give me a freakin break!!
  8. Beaumont Central @ Lumberton

    I'm not willing to say that just yet! Still believe we can make the Ned game an important, interesting game!
  9. PNG @ Vidor prediction

    Liberty Hill offense they started running early 2000's. If I remember correctly we (Central) ran this variation 2006-2008'ish before Lambert ran Stowers out.
  10. What Exactly is a RAH RAH

    Naively enthusiastic and hortatory; like or marked by boisterous and uncritical enthusiasm and excitement    
  11. Beaumont Central @ Lumberton

    Wasn't suppose to be, but Harvey changed schedule.
  12. Awesome information! Thanks for your hard work!
  13. PNG @ Vidor prediction

    I was thinking that a good, wet, grass field would benefit Vidor and their rushing attack and possibly slow down the PNG passing game a bit!