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  1. New AD Jones takes over HC @ Kirbyville

    Pretty sure this was one of, if not the main reason he was brought to Kirbyville and it's not like Bennett is in total shock by the outcome. Surprised by the timing maybe. Bennett will land on his feet somewhere. He's bounced around for some reason (I won't go there) but he's a good coach.
  2. Lumberton 49 Livingston 9/ FINAL

    Raider DBs need to learn to turn their heads to the ball, especially on deep passes. Didn't see it happen once last night. Luckily the Livingston QBs overthrew their target consistently.
  3. Lamar at Southeastern Louisiana updates

    So frustrated. Couldn't buy a call from the refs until the game was getting out of reach. Colbert is NOT a QB! He's an athlete. The lateral passing game sucks. Absolutely no imagination. Coach wants a gimmicky offense with a running QB. Not working. When he finally called some vertical passes, that's all he called. Mix it up. On top of that, Colbert and Allen aren't consistently accurate down the field and both throw into coverage. King, Banks, and Wanza look to be very good and will only get better. Punter and kicker look to be pretty good. The defensive does weird blitzes at times, like 2 or 3 in the same gap.. If they guess right, it works great. Guess wrong and runner isn't touched for 20 yards. Hopefully the coaches look at the film with an open mind. They haven't up to this point. Feel sorry for the kids because they're giving great effort. #PeckEm
  4. I wouldn't underestimate A-Mo or B-Mo. A-Mo has been undersized his whole career and it's been a pretty good one. He has the best arm in LU camp by far. Coaches will get tired of the dink and dunk, run for your life style of the 2 front runners at QB. B-Mo wasn't the best pitcher on PNG's team  this year if you asked anyone. Then he wins MVP at state then MVP at the Babe Ruth World Series also. I wouldn't doubt either of those boys.
  5. Can't wait to see Devwah on the tube this year!! #WPS
  6. He definitely knows what's up with PNG sports lol. Also dad to best QB on the Lamar roster imho.
  7. Lamar softball got screwed!

    This! Very well said! The Lady Cards were the underdog in practically every game in the regionals and the finals tournaments. They sure didn't act like it. Gritty team!
  8. Lamar softball got screwed!

  9. Lamar softball got screwed!

    Ugly way to end the final game of your inaugural tournament. It had rained pretty much off and on all week. I've seen the rule invoked like this once in little league baseball due to time restrictions on finishing a tournament but this is different imho. The time I saw it was due to the lightning monitor going off. This was just rain, plain old rain just like every other day of the tournament. You've GOT to find a way to get that last out done in this situation. I'm pretty sure the director realized that later as he tweeted that he made a bad decision and it's all on him. On a lighter point, AWESOME showing by the Lady Cards. You made us all proud!! #PeckEm
  10. I saw that and the meeting was Monday not Tuesday.
  11. I kinda thought these sports forums were for posting opinions or as you say "invent" opinions. Please enlighten everyone to the "real" story so we won't be so clueless. I feel like I've contracted a disease or something lol.
  12. It's interesting that Dr. Cammack, local orthodontist and fixture in the community, resigned as the announcer doing color commentary for over a decade for Jasper football games this morning. He's also an elected member of the school district board of trustees. All is not well in Jasper currently. Ugly mess.
  13. Southland Basketball Schedule

    The conference bracket is pretty crazy I know that. 8,7,6, and 5 seeds have to win 4 games in 4 days to be champs. 4 and 3 seeds, 3 games in 3 days. 1 and 2 seeds, 2 games in 2 days. Virtually impossible if you're the 5 thru 8 seed. I believe 3 out of the last 4 years the conference championship game has been between the 1 and 2 seeds due partly to the fatigue factor inherent with this bracket system. It really rewards you for your season conference record, etc.
  14. 2017 CFB Texas A&M Aggies

    Only one year of eligibility I believe. Big straight ahead runner that has an injury history. I believe he can play immediately with the transfer rules.
  15. 2017 CFB Texas A&M Aggies

    Hearing James White is transferring to Lamar.