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  1. Supposedly LIVE broadcast is now showing top of 3rd again.
  2. Anybody else watching on NFHS. I am currently watching the bottom of the 2nd for the second time on what is suppose to be a Live broadcast. I watched the top of the 2nd three times. Very disappointed that I paid $9.95 to watch this game!  
  3. It was a 1 vs. 4, but in this case the 4 was a co district champion. They had a 4 way tie for first. Not your average 4 seed.
  4. 5A District Meet

    Complete Results form Thursday and Saturday. https://www.panews.com/2018/04/07/boys-track-titan-boys-dominate-district-memorial-girls-second/
  5. 2018 Houston Astros

    And Marisnick was named the Player of the Game.
  6. Article stated that it was 8 years old. Warranty is 8 years and life expectancy is 10. So, they decided to go ahead and replace it.
  7. But, can they change if they want to?
  8. Any more news on the UIL and ATT Stadium?

    My understanding on attendance is that Houston area travels North, but Dallas area doesn't travel South. 
  9. Are you sure about that?
  10. Port Arthur Memorial

    March 24th: Looks like the Boys were in Humble, http://tx.milesplit.com/meets/298809/teams/2321#.WpqC6SJMHYU And the girls were in the Woodlands, http://tx.milesplit.com/meets/295724/teams/2321#.WpqDSSJMHYU
  11. Worst facilities in the area?

    That is the newest of the 2 middle schools.
  12. Worst facilities in the area?

    3 elementary schools were built in the mid-60s. The other one was built in 1937.