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  1. Jasper 45 Bridge City 7/FINAL

    I didn’t take anything about his comment being about coaching. Seemed like he was putting the ownership on the kids. Maybe too much Fortnite and not enough blood and sweat. I bet the weight room was open kids just didn’t go. 
  2. I thought this game was at kountze.
  3. 06-07, 07-08, 08-09, 09-10=4 years
  4. My post has nothing to do with Coach Jacks.  It is in reply to some of the comments concerning yelling at players.  Every coach is going to yell.  I have never seen a successful coach never yell.  I think that the key point is that players will respond to coaches who yell with a purpose and know that it comes from an individual they look up to, respect, and knows that he cares for his players.  You can't compare high school players to that of college players.  For college players, playing sports is a job.  They are getting money of some sort (tuition, books, or lodging) in most cases.  For high school players, it is the pure enjoyment of the game, competition, and hopefully the family environment with your teammates and coach.  Some people made comments that coaches are there to win.  Incorrect.  At most schools, especially schools the size of HF, coaches are there to mold boys into men.  Most of those players are not going to play in college, so their high school days are preparing them to raise families.  Children today are a different breed.  If coaches aren't flexible to how players learn, then success will not be achieved and players will choose not to play.  That does not mean that coaches have to coddle players.  It means that they have to figure out how to reach players in different ways besides yelling.  
  5. Not if they get first and second in district which is what is going to happen. Only way they see each other is the regional finals.
  6. He was suspended for the remainder of the season, including the playoffs.   I think 5 games is too convenient.  He would come back right before the regional tournament.  I don't think that proves the severity of what he did.  I think the district was appropriate with this punishment.  Defending yourself in an altercation is one thing.  Completely blindsiding a defenseless person is another.  I still think he will be lucky if charges aren't pressed.  Not saying I would, but there are plenty of people who would look into it.
  7. I am sure that I will get hammered on this, but game was the exact reason when Williams and Bullock would have trouble playing college at the Division I level. The defenders will be much quicker and bigger which means they will have even more trouble getting shots off. They are definitely capable of playing at the next level, just not Division I. Not taking anything away from what they did this year. Great year Big Sandy. Many teams would kill to be where you played today.
  8. And they will all be back. One senior and I don't think he has touched the floor.
  9. The big kid from muenster had 8 of their 15 rebounds at the half. He now has 18 rebounds in the game. He is the size that Foster was probably referring to without mentioning his name or number. The wildcats are also focusing on trying to keep him off the boards and that is opening up other players to rebound. Their size (#21) is causing problems. Their team size is not. Yes I am at the game watching it.