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  1. you should have never had posted this until after the game, now all of crazies on here will be looking ahead to next week, well we should have an answer by 10:30pm tonight
  2. Porter 7-3 vs Nederland 7-2

    good luck to the dogs and the pirates,  and PAM
  3. Bedlam - Crosby v. PNG

    uggghhhh im still at work! come on 500pm
  4. Bedlam - Crosby v. PNG

    almost gametime, im ready to get the hell out of here and go watch some playoff football.
  5. Official PNG Crosby thread

    wear it we apprecieate the local support from other schools, I went last night to yalls game but I had my work clothes on! I missed the final score by two points off lol I was close I said 56-0
  6. not really most of the ned people will leave after the game, they have the early game we would be the late, but cant look ahead we have to focus on Crosby, will have to cross that road if and when we get there.
  7. cant look past the first game, stay focused then worry about what road we will travel, I prefer stallworth but it would take out the weather equation for sure!
  8. Stangs rollin gonna be ugly
  9. Prediction playoffs score

    im horrible at predicting scores would have been happy with win loss lol
  10. Prediction playoffs score

    haha that weak team beat yall so what is your point, time to let it go
  11. Official PNG Crosby thread

    anyone going watch WOS tonight in Baytown at Stallworth. Im thinking about going
  12. Official PNG Crosby thread

    Stat has been brought back to reality, all the trash talking done has come back to bite him lol. That's ok I will be there watching without him. Rest assured his brother will be there taking up right where he left off lol.
  13. Official PNG Crosby thread

    yes it is in a way, still in shock that this game came about the way it did.
  14. Official PNG Crosby thread

    this thread Is boring no one wants to talk smack because both teams are all offense no defense lol
  15. New Caney vs vidor predictions...

    Harvey messed up a lot for all our communities, but it did save Silsbee from a serious arse kicking the first week lol