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  1. Lol i heard thru the grapevine that is what i heard 2 suspended, unreal
  2. 730 kickoff in 18mins
  3. Will be a big test for us. Im not taking this team likely. But i do have faith In RJ and company on offense. Think RBs are gonna rise up to the challenge. Defense will be what i anxiously watch. CURIOUS  to see if they rise up for the challenge and get after Huntsvilles offense.
  4. The game was what i thought it would be, was suprised that our coach pulled starters and let Second teamers get some playing time. Thought we PNGs defense got off to a shakey start but settled down and played decent. SILSBEE was just deflated going out into second half for sure. Like i told you earlier Soulja1 Silsbee dodged a bullet last year. WILL be a tough preseason for the Tigers, Newton up this week then Nederland , might start out 0-3 but will be salty come time for District.
  5. you waited for it and you got it  1 win and 1 loss get over it.
  6. I will go live so you can see the scrimmage
  7. Will do i may be off next week if not maybe friday if that is good with you, i would do it this week but headed to Rocksprings to fill feeders and hopefully kill an axis, i will text you next week.
  8. Defineatly felt confident going into the game, new it would be a tough one by the way Ned played PAM. Once again, a loss ,looking back on the game in the first half turnovers and not finishing drives killed us, i think we threw two picks and ned had 1 fumble. We have to clean up our little mental mistakes and we will be alright.
  9. I dont think it us in Shugs bliid to split time with his successor, hes a fierce competitor and will do what he does, i hope the wideouts do step up as you said, but the rbs have to step it up too, Defense still has a lot to prove, thus district will be tough.
  10. The PNG vs Ned game is hands down best rivalry anywheres, the dogs can talk all they want in the end we still on top in the series with a win streak that stretched almost two decades! Looking forward to week 10 and no watered down field smh lol. Maybe just Maybe Our coach will go all out for once, i have a feeling this could be a playoff factor game for who makes it and who dont. Man cant wait for the end of august to get here!
  11. Im sorry but being Ranked #5 is great but i dont put no faith in the rankings. Our defense unless something happened over night that changed is our weak link for the last couple of years. Our wide outs have to step up from what im hearing arent catching  like they should. SHUG will do his thing, i can see alot more running in his future. Although PNG has been producing some aweful good wide outs over the last 10 years. I believe the district will be tough with the change up in districts. As for beating Nederland ,our coach needs to be alil more aggressive and open up the playbook. James Mosely get ahold of me i still owe you a dinner at Wheelhouse ;-)
  12. you people kill me lol, If RJ played for your team you wouldn't be talking about him doubting him yada yada yada. I have to agree He does more with less as so stated, imagine what he could do if he had a defense that went out there and forced 3 and outs every time they went on the field. Comparing stats of Heard to RJ isn't fair to say the least. You put RJ on the same teams with the same talent and im sure his numbers would be staggering. I'm glad the kid doesn't have to prove himself to all of you he prob would be on the bench with the way some of you talk him down. He is a special talent and a joy to watch. I am glad we had the pleasure to watch him play. What ever he does after his high school career im sure he will succeed. If it doesn't work at QB which I don't think will be a problem then whether it be wide receiver or defensive back , doesn't matter he's getting to live his dream and get a education playing at the collegiate level.
  13. different coach, don't see that happening. I really cant speak on what position he will play, but he will get an education and will be successful at whatever position he plays! I would love to see him on the defense, on special teams returning punts of kickoffs, kid has mad running skills is elusive and has great natural instinct! Truly blessed to have this kid playing at Port Neches, just a  shame he doesn't go both ways and is under utilized for all of his potential!