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  1. Thank you guys for keeping us back in SETX updated on the game. Was at a birthday dinner and couldn’t listen to it.   What was the dunk count?
  2. Congrats Eagles!! Showed a lot of heart stepping up with your backs against the wall and coming up with the stop to seal the deal.   I can’t help but think back on that egregious, absolutely mind blowing call on that missed field goal. The ref had a perfect view from back where he was so he has no excuse about impeded view. Wish we could get his take. 
  3. Dude, I’m not one to ride the refs cheating train but my god that was one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen in high school sports PERIOD!! 
  4. You really going to say a school doesn't deserve a good coach?? A school that has lacked decent boys coaching for quite a while nonetheless. Go kick rocks dude. Sorry some bad apples ruined YOUR perception but there are some great kids at that school that are more than deserving of great coaching and not just someone looking for a pit stop. I'll confidently say you're a douche. 
  5. Anahuac vs East Chambers, for the 4th seed.

    That's what I thought, keep it alive Bucs!! Pulling for our neighbors in this one. 
  6. Anahuac vs East Chambers, for the 4th seed.

    Do the Bucs have a playoff streak on the line??
  7. Who can beat Vidor?

    This clown is dogging you all and continues to do so. He has spouted out all the trash, do something about it and you won't have to edit out the rebuttal. 
  8. Who can beat Vidor?

    Don't back down now that you got called out Coward. Your "white sheets" comment made it very clear what you meant. Any "Edumacated folk" could see that. 
  9. Who can beat Vidor?

    Any grown man that comes on a HIGH SCHOOL sports forum and calls another man a loser just because of the school he follows is a loser. Get over yourself.
  10. HF Girls Basketball

    Haven't followed in several years since the 2012 team graduated. Any shooters on the team?
  11. HF Girls Basketball

    Jacks is going to be Hamshire Fannett's Head Basketball coach.
  12. Art Briels Out at Baylor

    I'm a LSU fan I don't want to hear anything about other schools QB problems! 
  13. Art Briels Out at Baylor

    That's the vibe I was getting from you that is why I asked the question. You called Baylor dumb for firing him. If you were the AD and all this is coming down on you, your university is on ESPN everyday with these allegations and cover ups coming to light. Do you keep him as your Head football coach?