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  1. Newton Football - 2018 Schedule

    So Newton, who 2 years ago, was very young, full of sophomores is a coward for not scheduling a senior laden team coming off 2 state title appearances?  Not to mention a team 2 classes higher? You don’t know much.  Why isn’t WOS calling Aledo, Manvel, Calallen, or some other 5A powerhouse 2 classes above them?   If WOS is held to the same standard as Newton, or whichever team you vow to follow, why aren’t they scheduling 5A state powers? Newton don’t cower, and never has.
  2. Newton Football - 2018 Schedule

    No way in the world you are serious?! Or maybe you are, and just happen to be jealous of Newton, or worse, completely delusional of high school football. Newton don’t cower to anyone.  You are basically claiming Curtis Barbay, and WT Johnston are afraid of competition!  Insane and asinine! I’m glad the two best teams in SE Texas, and both have been for nearly 40 years will face each other.  Newton or WOS won’t be running scared of anyone!
  3. Newton Football - 2018 Schedule

    I just hope they can play a 10 game schedule.  Filling all the out of district slots will be tough.  They are gonna have to travel. I wish Marlin would play them.  Newton owes Marlin a few beat downs!
  4. Texas top 100 list.

    Is the OT from Wellington the largest kid to ever play high school football in Texas?  And he don’t look sloppy.  Just a freak of nature.
  5. Newton Football - 2018 Schedule

    Wasn’t WOS the one stacked the last realignment, and Newton the young team?  Looks like the pages have turned.
  6. Newton Football - 2018 Schedule

    I heard D.R. hooks, around 2002, at the S.E. Texas coaches clinic say he hated to play Newton.  He said they were expected to win, but would come out of the game battered and bruised.  He said he’d rather play PNG, or Nederland.  That was straight out of his mouth. Surprised Cornel wouldn’t play Newton, but can’t say I don’t blame him.
  7. This guy, who claims to working to get kids scholarships, is what’s wrong with high school football. You’ve got this guy, who so badly wants to be a coach, but can’t cut it.  Then he wants to take credit for what the coaches are doing.   You sir, are nothing but a street pimp, pretending to be more important than what you are.  Never take credit for a kid from Newton getting a sclorship offer!  Curtis Barbay, and WT Johnston have been putting kids in College way before you ever laced them up!
  8. What happened to D-FW this year?

    Haha!!  Your right!   Brock wouldn’t have beat them either!!  Haha
  9. What happened to D-FW this year?

    Brock wasn’t beating Newton if they played in Brock.  Newton wasn’t getting beat.  Too dominate!
  10. What happened to D-FW this year?

    I’m sure Highland Park playing for the 4th time this year at Grandpa Jerry’s place was no advantage at all.  I’m sure the 5 hour bus trip by Manvel, and possibly sleeping in a hote room was just what Manvel wanted. You want to be smart so bad, but in reality are a severe dumba$$!
  11. All district awards

    Offense and defense is played with 11 players. Except when it comes to all district teams.  They have around 18 person per offensive and defensive team. 1- QB 3-RB 2-TE 5-WR 7-OL Looks like illegal participation for too many players to me.
  12. He’s a tough man, and the Lord ain’t finished with him yet on earth.  He’s a great man and leader of young men, and I hope he stays around for many more years defying the odds stacked against him.
  13. Great season Mustangs!  Nothing to hang your head about.  Can’t and will not win them all. If you ask me, taking a team with 2 returning starters to the state title game is great coaching, and a testament to Coach T and the staff.  Not many people picked them to be this far, and not many coaches could have done the job he did. This Mustang team wasn’t gonna beat Pleasant Grove today if Tom Landry was coaching them.  Too small!
  14. Super proud of what Newton accomplished, and who they did it against.  Absolutely no doubt who the most dominant team in 3A is..  and next year they might be better. Such a great moment for Coach Johnston and his family.  It’s awesome that Drew got to play for him, and now coach with him.  For someone who has gone through what he’s gone through, against all the odds, and told he had very little chance to survive... couldn’t have happened to a more deserving and better person. And I guarantee, Coach Barbay is smiling down from above!  Congrats Newton Eagles!  
  15. That’s what I’m taking about.  GATA for 9:35 more!!!! This Newton team is playing lights out.  Should be up 4 td’s!  So proud for WT and his staff!!!