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  1. Any HF fans know when they begin?
  2. Liberty 38 Hamshire-Fannett 35/FINAL

    Damn this was a good game, hats off to Liberty they kept battling back and never gave up. Those two picks the HF QB threw killed them as one was a pick six and the other came close to being one as well. HF battled back down 14 late in the 4th and almost pushed it to over time, they just couldn't stop that sweep play once two of their starting D-line men left the game with injuries. HF gets a bye week to heal up for the toughest part of their schedule. Good luck to both teams.
  3. Liberty 38 Hamshire-Fannett 35/FINAL

    I'm no coach but to me it seems, he just needs to work on his mechanics, setting his feet, squaring his shoulders to throw...  things like that. It's one thing to pass in practice where you know they aren't going to hit you, as opposed to Friday night where everything but the kitchen sink is getting thrown at you.  
  4. Liberty 38 Hamshire-Fannett 35/FINAL

    HF has struggled in the passing game; QB is having trouble with accuracy but definitely has the arm. We have to get the passing game going otherwise Liberty will try to make us one dimensional and that is not good. Going to be a good game as this is only our second home game and HF fans will pack the stands, I expect a loud and spirited environment. With that said: Horns - 17 Panthers - 14  
  5. Yup and illegal shifts as well; they are trying to many men in motion.
  6. HF played better than I thought they would; they had their fare share of "bullets to the feet". All in all EC was the far and away the better team. The EC defense didn't play as well I thought they would; I know the score was 35-13 but if not for breaking out their own Six Shooter HF moved the ball on them.  
  7. Looking ahead...EC @ Woodville

    The EC defense is average at best, HF was able to move the ball on them; if not for untimely holding penalties, overthrown passes and T/O's their game would have been much better. The EC offense however is as good as advertised; they have speed and the QB can make just about any throw on the field with good accuracy. Woodville will need to get a pass rush on him in order to keep it close. I will go with Woodville in this one 35-28
  8. Rice Bowl 2018 (EC Homecoming)

    Yeah that's why you guys quit playing us in the 90's as we always overestimated ourselves. Look at the head to head record over the years... need I say more. 
  9. Hamshire-Fannett 43 Kountze 22/FINAL

    I just saw the KFDM interview with Coach Waggner, he seems to be a class act. Good luck to you an the Horns this season Coach. 
  10. Hamshire-Fannett 43 Kountze 22/FINAL

    I have to admit Kountze was better than I thought they would be, they gave HF all they could handle. 
  11. EC v HJ

    Yup... this is going to a good game; I will take EC in this one, the HJ QB (Collin Pomirco) is a Soph and 1st yr at the varsity level.
  12. Kountze vs H-F

    HF by a whole bunch
  13. Yup... looking at their schedule they don't shy away from anyone & play in a tough district. They play the likes of Atlanta, Waskom, Arp and Jefferson who if I am not mistaken all have State Championships under their belt, at one time or another.
  14. I heard that Hughes Springs was big & fast, that is all I heard or know about this team from East Texas.  Did any HF fans on SETX Sports make the game that can comment on it?