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  1. Larry Neumann to Retire

    Big Day in Bulldog Land as they bring in their finalists...Heck they may even ride the winner around in the Heritage Festival Parade!!
  2. Larry Neumann to Retire

    Supt is in the process now, she isn't calling anyone and not going to prolong anything....Next round is tomorrow...Will name someone next week...Case closed!
  3. Larry Neumann to Retire

    2nd Round Coming Soon!
  4. List your Top 5 Misunderstood Rules in HS Basketball by Crazy Fans 1 - DUH..."That is BackCourt Ref!"...90% have no clue what backcourt really may be! 2- Fans don't understand that you do not have to be "Set" to take a charge 3- A 10 second call does not start over by a tip or deflection 4- A kicked ball must be intentional! 5- Fans do not understand when players can enter lane on a Free Throw! ("Come on Ref...They are in the lane early!")
  5. Larry Neumann to Retire

    I meant the Feb 16th meeting..sorry about that...
  6. Larry Neumann to Retire

    The Feb 20th school board meeting has nothing to do with the AD position.  It states what is on the Agenda and it is just one item...Nothing to do with the AD...The AD position is still tight lipped...No news outta Nederland...Most teachers and administrators had meetings yesterday...I would think by next week some info may begin to hit the surface...
  7. "entered to him" "Whats"
  8. I could see your point and would agree with that, striking an opponent to the face/body in a sporting event with a fist is uncalled for...I agree kingjames
  9. Video in BC/Silsbee game shows #3 (Silsbee) with strike to back of the head
  10. Great game by both teams and coaches....Game was back and forth throughout and I thought was a decently called game.. I do have one question though... Ned Player was given a technical foul when coming back in bounds from a made basket because he made contact with the ball as a Memorial player was looking to pass it in bounds...Good call by the official as it is the correct call, however I heard the official state to Coach English "Its in the book, we gotta call that, there is no warning call, Technical Foul!"....I agree with this... However Once #35 drains the 3 to go up by 1...Nederland inbounds the ball to the FT line...3-4 fans are now on the court, while play is going on... By the book...It is a technical foul....Officials are seen on video waiving a few fans off as the player has the ball that is entered to them??? What the call here?...It was a "no call"....And Nederland called a quick timeout.....
  11. As the majority of basketball followers that have posted on this topic have seen in the LCM/Silsbee video, every detail of every play will not be caught by an official or even a coach trying to coach his players throughout the game.  However....In todays picture perfect video world, players can not hide on a basketball court from video...With that being said... #1 --- Its obvious there is a push to the face by #5 (Silsbee), whistle blows, #3(LCM) take a swing, #0 (LCM) jumps in with a hand to the face....Benches begin to clear (still not sure how many players from both teams stay in what is considered the "bench area")   #2 --- #3 (Silsbee) clearly throws a punch to player standing on sideline   Question #1 How many players were still remaining on bench area from both teams? Question #2 If either team had at least 4 remaining players on bench area shouldn't game continue?   Suspensions (Just my opinion) #3 and #0 (LCM)  will need to be suspended for regular season #5 (Silsbee) will need to be suspended for regular season #3 (Silsbee) will need to be suspended for regular/playoffs   Coaching staffs need to do what is RIGHT in this situation and hold accountable parties accountable...period
  12. 8th Grade Middle School Top 10 Rankings

    Where would they fall in the above rankings ya think?....Were you able to catch any of the other above teams?  
  13. 8th Grade Middle School Top 10 Rankings

    I know I saw CO Wilson beat Silsbee by a decent amount in the Vincent Tourney and the only time I saw Silsbee play...So they did go undefeated in district is what you are saying?...Sounds like they got a good squad and should be in the Top 10 from your post...I did see Legacy as well as BC and would think #7 through #10 would have great match ups...Thanks for posting and good luck to the Young Tigers as well as Varsity Squad on their soon to be playoff run!!  
  14. Silsbee vs LC-M 2/7/17

    I guess its time for everyone to throw the kitchen sink at them Tigers...If margin of win has gone this long, heck I would try every gimmick in the book to try and keep it close....(Understanding it hasn't happened yet and may not)....Nothing to lose....