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  1. SETX Middle School Hoops

    Was able to catch some games at CO Tourney as well...I thought Smith, C.O. and Marshall showed well throughout the tourney...Championship game was a good battle
  2. Larry Neumann to Retire

    BIGDOG ...I'm sure they do as well but I don't see people just walking on to campus to look at facilities
  3. SETX Middle School Hoops

    Smith has some really nice players from what I had seen last year...CO and MLK had a good game, with King winning by 3 at the end...
  4. Larry Neumann to Retire

    Nederland Administration....If they wanted to move swiftly on this could have already done so...Also..."If" they see it fit to require a "Masters" but do want Barrow as the Head Football Coach, then don't waste time...Do it...And allow any in house available Masters Degree Coaches (Spell/English) to come to the table if they want...We are not applying for the University of Alabama job...Lets sit down, decide the requirements and move on...Get to moving all programs forward and have New AD try and update some facilities at the same time...
  5. Larry Neumann to Retire

    KF89 I would agree with that statement...I just don't see the cream of the crop applying yet when no job description is posted (as to my understanding)...The "heavy hitters" so to speak would not apply till the ISD has something officially posted...People can talk all about this guy was seen or this guy is going to get it at Nederland...But we see where that went for the Superintendent job...Will a couple of the big names never really apply ...sure...just because they don't want their names posted on a list to hurt their current status...
  6. Larry Neumann to Retire

    No one is going to be walking around a campus like Nederland without a job posted...If a guy is doing that he sure isn't coming to coach...Maybe to work a summer grass cutting job...Come On Man...I mean if it goes in house then ok, but nobody going to be walking around campus right now with an in house guy at the top of the list without a posting...
  7. 2017 recruiting.

    What Senior local players have signed to play Football at Lamar? or is this posted somewhere to view...
  8. LCM @ BC Friday 1/13

    I see two coaches here building programs the right way and should make for a good game to open up district...LCM with a more up tempo score in transition or spread you out style offense vs a BC team that should throw multiple defensive looks at the Bears throughout the game...I like what both of these coaches are doing with their teams and look to as if get the most out of the players they have on their squads...I say BC down by 7-10 going into the 4th quarter and make it a game down the stretch...Home court could give me a leg up here...
  9. A front runner has emerged

    Could a new Offensive Coord. be named soon with additional coaches?
  10. Larry Neumann to Retire

    BIGDOG....Scenario #2 would not cost the school district more money, pending what the salary of (English or Spell) and (Barrow) would be in that case. If English...He would stay as HD Basketball, If Spell he would stay as HD Baseball....Those each would get a bump....Barrow then gets a Bump as HD Football hires a new OC and the money is about the same...
  11. Larry Neumann to Retire

    The scenarios I see for the hiring of a New AD/Hd Football or AD and Head Football goes possibly like this....In no particular order *School Board decides no required Masters Degree, Coach Barrow becomes New AD/Head Football Coach *School Board decides Masters Degree required, Coach English or Spell become AD and Coach Barrow named Hd. Football Coach *School Board decides Masters Degree required, Full Blown open search for a new AD/Hd Football Coach The last scenario is just as much at play IMO as the first two, reasons being the New Superintendent was hired from the outside when Nederland had (2) In-house long time Assistant Superintendents "In Waiting"... Any other thoughts or scenarios?
  12. SETX Middle School Hoops

    Smith team is really nice from what I saw last year!
  13. SETX Middle School Hoops

    Anyone got updates on BISD feeders?  Smith, Marshall, South Park etc?
  14. Hardin Jefferson Hawks

    I've watched them several times over the past few weeks...Being able to get out and score in transition seems to be key in past few games, guards handle the ball decent enough, don't think they shoot lights out how the have done in the past but different kids seem to step up to win games...Kids play hard...
  15. SETX Middle School Hoops

    From the teams that I have "seen" so far in games/tourneys, the below have some potential....8th grade... ML King C.O. Wilson Groves Silsbee