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  1. I would just like to see whoever gets the job to be a good steward for all athletics in Nederland...I still think their are many local business donors that could elevate the programs equipment, facilities etc. wise that would help the district if the platform was put in place...Just placing names on scoreboards and signs isn't the only way to get the money rolling in to athletic programs...Tonight is the night...!!
  2. Gotcha...The middle of the road for principals in NISD is mid to upper 80s...
  3. Scenario 4  Was if Barrow declines and obviously Simmons is not coming unless the full package (I agree with ya here) This would be if someone new from outside then applied with just Football Hd Coaching duties  
  4. Are you saying unrealistic that its too much or too little? Or that NISD will never offer enough to someone? 
  5. How about these Hypotheticals? 1- Coach Barrow gets offered AD/Hd Football and gets offered 92K a year.... 2-Coach English offered AD at (92K) and Coach Barrow offered Hd Football (85k).... 3-Coach Simmons offered AD/Hd Football and gets offered 92K a year... 4-Coach English offered AD at (92K) and Barrow declines...New Applicant offered (85K) as Hd Football The numbers above are just hypothetical and can be moved up or down....Are any of these unrealistic?
  6. Big Day in Bulldog Land as they bring in their finalists...Heck they may even ride the winner around in the Heritage Festival Parade!!
  7. Supt is in the process now, she isn't calling anyone and not going to prolong anything....Next round is tomorrow...Will name someone next week...Case closed!
  8. 2nd Round Coming Soon!
  9. List your Top 5 Misunderstood Rules in HS Basketball by Crazy Fans 1 - DUH..."That is BackCourt Ref!"...90% have no clue what backcourt really may be! 2- Fans don't understand that you do not have to be "Set" to take a charge 3- A 10 second call does not start over by a tip or deflection 4- A kicked ball must be intentional! 5- Fans do not understand when players can enter lane on a Free Throw! ("Come on Ref...They are in the lane early!")
  10. I meant the Feb 16th meeting..sorry about that...
  11. The Feb 20th school board meeting has nothing to do with the AD position.  It states what is on the Agenda and it is just one item...Nothing to do with the AD...The AD position is still tight lipped...No news outta Nederland...Most teachers and administrators had meetings yesterday...I would think by next week some info may begin to hit the surface...
  12. I could see your point and would agree with that, striking an opponent to the face/body in a sporting event with a fist is uncalled for...I agree kingjames
  13. Video in BC/Silsbee game shows #3 (Silsbee) with strike to back of the head