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  1. Newton looking for 2018 games

    I am pretty sure that teams that don't get a tentative schedule in place before realignment end up scrambling to get opponents to play them in the slots they need filled. That's how you get teams traveling an absurd distance to play one another or not having a full schedule. I bet there won't be a ton of 5A or 4A teams lining up to get their butt kicked by a 3A team. Doesn't really do wonders for the prospect of keeping your job as a coach.
  2. 10-4A DI Week 1

    Not sure who Silsbee lost to injuries, but from what I saw against Jasper, they have some athletes! Hope those kids get healthy in time for the playoffs. 
  3. 11-4A-D2

    Tarkington is even worse than usual and Royal has at least scored against all their opponents.  I think Royal might win the right to be slaughtered by WOS in the first round this year.
  4. 10-4A DI Week 1

    Cleveland by 10 Navasota by 21 Silsbee by 24
  5. Bridge City vs Cleveland

    I'm always gonna see the best in my Indians. All bias aside, there's no stretch in saying this is the best Cleveland team since they last made the playoffs in 2013. I've also heard that BC isn't what it's been. That being said I'll take the Indians 28-14
  6. Cleveland 55 Hempstead 27/FINAL

    55-27 Indians! They gave a couple of late TD's during garbage time. 
  7. I'm glad we're getting closer to a normal state of life. Part of that normal state is Friday Night Football. Well these two opponents share Liberty County and are opponents in most other sports. There will be a familiarity between these two and plenty to play for here. First and foremost, we are Texas Strong and nothing will change our values and passions. 2nd, bragging rights for the next year. I got my Indians winning this one and sending a message that this year will be a bit different in district 10 4A.
  8. Summer creek high to house kingwood

    That's gotta put a strain on the facilities and prep each program will be able to do throughout the season.
  9. Perspective

    Just heard about the Kingwood situation. I am curious on how the extra curricular sports are gonna play out. 
  10. There will be some schools that probably won't play for a couple of weeks. And some schools won't play a home game for awhile I would bet. I just saw where Rockport is basically telling kids they should go ahead and enroll in other schools because it's going to be so long before their district is up and running.
  11. Ok so not to be a downer on the page but I'm beginning to wonder if many of these local district will be ready for the second week. Cleveland is almost completely under water.
  12. Teams can still fill their bye with a game. Seems like there will be a lot of options depending on who has your same bye week. However not all schools are willing to give up their bye week. I hope most will so those seniors don't miss out on a game.

    Cleveland isd just cancelled school for this whole week. I'm assuming the game for Friday is cancelled as well.

    Cleveland is closed Monday. According to Crosby ISD's Facebook, they are closed through 9/5.
  15. Yeah he had a helluva scrimmage as well. Now that they have a legit threat at wideout maybe it will allow for a more balanced and explosive offense. Either way I'm excited for Friday night football! Let's pray everyone is safe during this hurricane and that it clears out so the games don't get disrupted like last season.