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  1. Realignment

    They will if HISD opts all of their schools up to 4A D1 like last go around. The Districts will likely remain very similar to last time in that scenario. 
  2. Realignment

    If Navasota gets put in the district again then I'd go with them winning it. The UIL did it once, Im sure they wouldn't hesitate to do it again.
  3. Realignment

    Im guessing Houston ISD will consolidate there schools as much as possible to save money and create all HISD districts. They will probably opt all of their 4A schools to 4A D1 which creates an 8 team district. They will probably bump all of their 5A schools to 5A D1 which creates another 8 team district. So that will do some major adjustments to the districts in region 3.
  4. Not sure who they go after but this school has put out some athletes. Surprised to here they have only won 5 playoff games in their history.
  5. Local 5A Div 2. Any guesses????

    They any closer on the head guy at Lake Creek? 
  6. Local 5A Div 2. Any guesses????

    I am pretty sure they won't split up a school district to balance it out so yeah someone is gonna get screwed. There will be some 7 team districts, so maybe they will be able to just add 1 school and not mess it up too much. Maybe throw Lee in there. That would leave enough schools to put together for a district for Port Lavaca.
  7. Local 5A Div 2. Any guesses????

    There's only 6 HISD schools at 5A DII. Unless they bump up some schools from 4A, they will have to have some schools placed in their district. 
  8. Local 5A Div 2. Any guesses????

    Thats pretty much what I was thinking it would turn out to be. That Waco game is gonna be a drive! Not sure they don't go north towards some of the schools that are south of the DFW area. Either way its a spread out district. Not like the good ole days of playing kids that you played little league against. Hows do you think the split with y'alls schools gonna affect your teams? I know y'all were playing with some monsters up at 6A. Is the opening of Lake Creek gonna drain some of your talent away at Montgomery next year?
  9. Realignment

    The new Montgomery school will be 5A D2 and Montgomery will be close to the cutoff. That may be where Splendora/Cleveland may shift towards. Not sure where the rest of the teams will come from though.
  10. *10-4A All District*

    Glad to see the Reeves twins from Cleveland both get 1st team selections on their last year for Cleveland. That 88 sure is an animal out there. I hope he will get to play at the next level. Congrats to all that were selected. 
  11. Silsbee vs Cleveland

    That one was a pretty good game. How far did ya'll go that season? That team was loaded for Cleveland. I'm trying to be positive for this game. So here goes the grasping for straws reasoning for why Cleveland will win. Back in the late 90's when Cleveland was in the same district with Silsbee, Cleveland only made the playoffs 1 time. It was the last season before Cleveland moved down to 3A. The last game of District, Cleveland clinched an undefeated District Championship by beating Silsbee 61-12 (which is the last time Cleveland beat Silsbee). This will be the last 4A season before Cleveland moves up to 5A. Im calling on history to somewhat repeat itself and Cleveland ends their tenure with 4A on a high note. Cleveland 34-33!  
  12. Silsbee vs Cleveland

    He was on varsity last year and this year. He is one of the backs that they use and is also a CB for them. He was the player that was horse collared and left in the ambulance last week. He is definitely a player. I haven't heard anything on him but it didn't look good.
  13. Silsbee vs Cleveland

    I know that a couple of weeks ago Cleveland had one of the main threats on offense and defense leave the game with an injury in first series but he played last week. He had a couple of nice runs but didn't stand out that much. Not sure if hes 100%. Last week a different RB/CB left in an ambulance with a leg injury from what looked like a horse collar tackle. Not anticipating he'll be back for this game. They've been dealing with injuries all season. 2 of the starting O linemen haven't played in any district games. But I'm sure that every team has their own stories about injuries. They are part of the game. Oh well, whats that saying? Next man up.
  14. 10-4A DI Playoffs

    Awesome break down of what is at stake for each game. I think that it’s pretty cool that every team has a chance for the playoffs going into the last week of district play. It’ll be a long shot but I sure hope that my Indians can pull off the upset of District play Friday night. Of course I’m forced to root for Huffman as well. No matter how it plays out, good luck to all the representatives that make it out of district. 
  15. Realignment

    If that is the district then I would say this might be a case where it may be in Cleveland's best interest to request a move up into Kpark, Caney Creek, Porter, New Caney district. Who knows what the UIL will do.