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  1. Kirbyville Applicants list

    Jesse Woods ( if he’s the one I’m thinking of) was the OC of some pretty good Cleveland teams before they landed in the district with Silsbee. I’m pretty sure he followed Maple to KPark.
  2. These are not the girls from the past. The District MVP is left to play at a Beaumont school. 2 other returning starters moved to Hardin Jefferson. Another starter tore her ACL a few weeks back. They have only 1 returning starter from last years team. 2 of the starting 5 are Freshmen. Still expect them to be competitive, but this team is young and inexperienced.
  3. Many teachers do have “Real Degrees” that are capable of achieving them more money. However at some point in their life they realized that their lives were positively impacted by a teacher and decided that they would like to do the same. They do this at the expense of financial security that is available for them. Yes there are long periods where teachers are off. However they are not paid for that time. Those checks during the summer are their salary spread out over the year. Yes if their salary is not enough then they are more than welcomed to get a “Real Job.” Which btw many are doing. Do you know why teacher salaries are going up every year for first time teachers. Because teachers are not lasting. So the children of America are being taught by new teachers more and more. Lower quality teachers for more money than ever. That doesn’t hurt society at all. So don’t worry about the pension of teachers, many won’t teach long enough to get it. 
  4. College degree required, hours of grading and lesson planning that are to be done on own time, educate children, professional development training in summers, year by year employment, corporal punishment has basically been removed from schools so they have some awesome kids to deal with. Oh not to mention that the average college grad leaves college $25,000 in debt. Yep they are overpaid. Take a read on this link and then tell me teachers are overpaid.
  5. We do dictate what we pay coaches and teachers. We elect a school board and they approve these contracts. If the public felt as you did then they would elect someone that would say no to these salaries. You would also loose quality coaches and instead have people using your school as a springboard to a better paying job or a coach waiting on retirement. Either way your athletic program will go down the crapper. I believe people working in education are generally good hearted people that want to improve the lives of their students. But if you remove incentive to strive for success, you will stop seeing success achieved. 
  6. I knew quite a few guys on my team in high school that got diplomas because of having to remain eligible to play high school sports. Our coaches constantly checked our grades and stayed on us. Even out of season we were expected to pass. Those Coaches that can motivate the "Bad" kid to do his work when the rest of the teachers have made up their mind that this kid is not worth their time deserve ever cent and more. I know their are plenty of teachers that are doing their best and are in it for the right reasons. They try and reach every kid they can. However, some kids need that tough love of a coach to push the harder to reach kids. Beside we live in a Capitalist country. You want everyone to make the same? Move to a communist country.
  7. If Boling doesn’t come out and score on opening drive this score is gonna get ugly fast.
  8. Newton scores and fails to convert the 2pt attempt.  21-20 Boling
  9. 4&1 Boling goes for it and takes it 45 yds to make it 21-14 Boling. For Newton’s speed I’m surprised that Boling has had as many long runs.
  10. That early momentum is wearing off. 
  11. First time watching Boling this year. Not enough people talked about their shifty change of pace back #28. Newton is keying #6 and that 28 is hurting them. 14-0 Boling 4:50 1st Qt
  12. Boling drives 98 yards then recovers onside
  13. Realignment

    They will if HISD opts all of their schools up to 4A D1 like last go around. The Districts will likely remain very similar to last time in that scenario. 
  14. Realignment

    If Navasota gets put in the district again then I'd go with them winning it. The UIL did it once, Im sure they wouldn't hesitate to do it again.
  15. Realignment

    Im guessing Houston ISD will consolidate there schools as much as possible to save money and create all HISD districts. They will probably opt all of their 4A schools to 4A D1 which creates an 8 team district. They will probably bump all of their 5A schools to 5A D1 which creates another 8 team district. So that will do some major adjustments to the districts in region 3.