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  1. Silsbee running back returning to post

    Drill team, cheerleaders, band, soccer, football and I'm sure some other organizations I'm forgetting about use that turf field. 
  2. That's great news! That'll help the secondary too. That's a big addition to a team that already has a couple of nice weapons in Reeves & Harding.
  3. Re-Alignment Changes

    Clevelands enrollment will be between 1400 & 1500.
  4. I believe both games were within 7-10 points at half. They really just fell apart after halftime. That's why I said they felt closer. I think at least 10 of this years seniors are returning for their 3rd year on varsity. This is supposed to be a really talented group of kids.
  5. Cleveland @ Huffman                     The last 2 years this game has felt close but youth and depth has hampered the Indians.  This years seniors are the most talented group since Cleveland was consistently going to the playoffs. If they want to return they need to win this game and & 1 more.
  6. Turf in Cleveland

    Some get it and others are stuck in the mindset that it was good enough before so why change. Also, some see it as giving new stuff to the new growth in population which isn't the colors Cleveland is used too. Sad but true.
  7. Turf in Cleveland

    Some people around town still think that the school spends too much on athletics. 
  9. Looks like Cleveland is trying to update their facilities to match their growth. This was a must with them going 5A after next year. That field can't handle any water.
  10. Predict Your Teams Record For 2017

    Cleveland goes 4-1 non-district & 3-2 in district. 7-4
  11. I've heard of schools hiding kids in the Alternative School for years. Then when Livingston got caught, I just assumed that they were the ones that got caught for doing something that a lot of schools do. After reading this article it seems that they got punished for doing something that others have been caught doing. Pretty crazy that the UIL ruled that 2 schools doing the same thing were in compliance with policies. 
  12. Sports injuries

    The best way to avoid getting injured is to specialize in your own sport because everyone knows you can't get hurt just playing your sport year round. (Sarcasm)
  13. Saw someone make a good point about moving the cutoff for 5A up to balance the two divisions. I wonder what teams in the area will possibly drop down if the cutoff goes up to 1200 or 1300?
  14. Not sure of the exact score but heard it was Cleveland by almost 30.