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  1. Coldspring open

    8 weeks before 2-a-days start. That’s not a ton of time to put together a staff. Especially when the pay isn’t great. Gonna end up with young inexperienced coaches.
  2. Coldspring open

    When will they announce? 
  3. Coldspring open

    Any updates?
  4. Saratoga West Hardin

    Wow! I thought New Waverly starting pay at $32K was low. How do they even get teachers? 
  5. Livingston hires new Head Coach/AD

    I'm sure this guy has forgotten more football than most will ever know. However I just don't see someone at the end of their career as a guy that you want establishing a program for years to come. I know the coaching profession is prone to turnover but that shouldn't be the goal. The goal in my mind would to hire someone that is enthusiastic about the prospect of coaching more the 3-4 years at your high school. I know that older coaches have a wealth of knowledge and experience, but I see many of them late in their career take a job and then retire 2-3 years later. There's something to be said about consistency.
  6. Livingston is Open

    His last year in Cleveland both the baseball and Softball team won a playoff game. That never happens in Cleveland. Not that he coached them but he was the AD and supported them.
  7. Livingston is Open

    From what I heard Rowe purchased them without Board Approval and then took the Nimitz Job. Bubba was told not to wear them because black was not a school color.  Arledge used them one time as a motivator in the first round of the playoffs. Which was their first playoff win in 15 years and their 2nd ever. I've heard there was some other stuff that he did that pissed off the Supt.  But from what I heard it sounded like the Supt and Board were on a witch hunt trying to get rid of him. He was an amazing AD! Cared about the other sports as well. Look at the success he's having with the track program at Crockett. I'm not saying that he's the greatest coach ever but he would be the type of coach that could improve the program at Livingston.
  8. Livingston is Open

    I always hear judge a coach by if they take a team and make them better. Bubba took a Cleveland team that was 11-20 the 3 seasons before he was the HC and then went 27-10. Until Tullos got there, Arledge was the winningest HC Cleveland ever had. Now Cleveland fired both of them so that tells you how smart Cleveland has been with keeping quality Coaches. 
  9. Coldspring open

    Pretty sure Keel got hired as the OC at Splendora this offseason. Not that he wouldn’t leave for a head job.
  10. Drove by the stadium today and saw that the visitor stands were torn down. I hope the home stands will get revamped or torn down and built new. I can only imagine this is due to the school going up to 5A next year. Still can't believe this growth happening around here.
  11. Livingston is Open

    I'll keep banging the Bubba Arledge drum. He could come in and bring in numerous assistants with his connections from his years of coaching. He grew up right down the road in Cleveland. The kids and town are familiar with him too.
  12. Livingston is Open

    Judging a coach purely on wins and losses is the reason some schools miss out on quality coaches. Clear Brook was 1-19 the 2 seasons before Arledge got there and he gets them into the playoffs in his second year.
  13. Livingston is Open

    3 straight undefeated district championships. Back to Back State Quarter finalist. Yeah guess that qualifies as one good year.
  14. Livingston is Open

    If Bubba Arledge feels like being a head coach again, I think the Lions would be lucky to have him. He knows the town & he was pretty successful at Cleveland as the Head Coach. 
  15. Cleveland's QB/SS Jett Hendrix signed this week to play for Tulsa. Congrats to him and his family.