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  1. West Orange Stark vs Salado

    I can bet you a 1 TRICK PONY, will not beat CT and The Mustangs!
  2. Whats the scouting report on Robinson,

  3. Congrats to BC for advancing to the 4rd Round and Congrats to Silsbee on a great season...
  4. West Orange Stark vs Robinson

    Wos good they're real good as well!
  5. That's you in the blue cap, if so I sitting behind you with the WOS Bucket hat. I been here since the start of the game so I'm witnessing what's going on
  6. Sundgren looks as if he doesn't have his best stuff tonight. The ump seems to be consistent to me for both teams...
  7. WOS vs. Silsbee

    She got next
  8. WOS vs. Silsbee

    When you work your ass off Dreams and Goals due come True...Happy Birthday KJ Daddy proud of you and your brothers.. I love you'll all..   DISTRICT CHAMPS (Out Right)
  9. WOS vs. Silsbee

    I never said squabble but I'm a man b4 anything and if I felt threatened a squabble will go with it but not at the Jr high. It will be on site.. I'm the smallest guy in the stadium look on our side of the dugout.. I'm in grey pants and a WOS Winbreaker.. You more then welcome to come talk from behind the keyboard 
  10. WOS vs. Silsbee

    That's what I do is watch and talk the talk while walking the walk. I will be at the game bumping my gums and will tell you face to face  man to man what I say on this forms....
  11. WOS vs. Silsbee

    Always some type of doo doo coming from some Silsbee Faithfuls... Those the type that thinks EVER KID DESERVES A RIBBON  
  12. WOS vs. Silsbee

    Here comes Santa.....You should be proud of the BB Boys of Silsbee and hope you got your MEDAL AS WELL? Did you wash their Jocks after the State Game? Your own folks of Silsbee said that's all you where GREAT AT?  
  13. WOS vs. Silsbee

    Lol.... Ima bring the cake to the game and slam it on the PITCHER MOUND after we win. Will Silsbee Fans be BIG MAD OR LIL MAD?....