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  1. KJ Miller

    Thanks Tim ETBU is a great School and the academics part is what sold us on the decision...Remember me telling you this ETBU gonna win a National Championship in the next 4 yrs...Coach Walden building a program over there...Last year they went 7-3 avg 49.9 pts a game
  2. KJ Miller

    Not yet still waying options...More schools or coming into the picture
  3. KJ Miller

  4. Only time i ever got my feathers ruffled was when a poster bad mouth the kids at WOS....My bad i was the 1st person EVER to post off topic in a thread on Setx....lol... Believe it or not thats the motto THE MILLERS AGAINST THE WORLD...IT MOTIVATES US AS A WHOLE TO BE GREAT....Lol....
  5. Lol speak when spoken too right???.. So i spoke up after you responded to MY POST...lol...Gotta love Aaw, i know you dont like the fact i was referring to my kid...Now get over yourself....I have ever right to Speak up after my kid was Selected A Preseason All American in Baseball and a 2x State Champ and 2x State Finalist but to bad YOU NEVER HIT THE LIKE BOTTOM ON THE POST....KMSL
  6. Finally you have confidence to say something....I know why tho is it baseball season yet? Oh its Basketball season so Aaw has spoken up....Lol
  7. KJ Miller

    He was selected as a 2017 Under Armour Preseason All American 
  8. 24-4A

    BC lost alot but they just reload...OF should be pretty good with the move in (Ryan Stubbifield) from LC Barbe...Plus the return of M. Patterson and the HC from HJ...Mack only played 4 games last year due to injury...
  9. I know right, seem like imma stay off the baseball thread as well....Dont wanna be call cocky....imma just #ssssshhhhh
  10. He gets a redshirt year, so he will be 18....Kmsl
  11. Nothing Free and if it is i can only imagine....Im a firm believer you get what you pay for....
  12. Funny you say that, so im guessing 3k to much for you to send on your kid? Thats why me and you are 2 different people..I will spend whatever on my kid to play the best and get the best training...Baseball is a sport where you spend alot of money to get the best out your kid right???? Also spent alot of money for a personal trainer for him...I can say its been some WELL SPEND MONEY...LOL...To bad your opinion doesn't apply too me
  13. KJ Miller (Wos) December 27-30 he will be in Bradenton Florida @ The Baseball Factory UA Camp/Tournament...He will play against some of the Best Players in the Country while receiving professional training...He also will be auditioning to seeing if he will be a UA All American.....If chosen a UA All American he will play in the UA All American Game @ Wringly Field in June
  14. Bmt Enterprise Super Gold

    Congrats to All the kids that made the Super Gold Team....Example from last year...KJ made 2nd Team Super Gold Team in Baseball....An 3 Days later was name 1st Team All State 2nd Baseman...I will take All State over Super Gold Anyday....I emailed the enterprised about how Last Year Baseball Team was picked? An got the answer on how its picked...I wasn't trying to be a arse about it..But i did tell them that if he was chosen 1st Super Gold Team in baseball this year..That i would let him accept the award but he WOULD NOT ATTEND THEIR BANQUET.