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  1. Just the first game they will be ok 
  2. Scrimmage results/Post here

  3. Scrimmage results/Post here

    Believe Silsbee went 1-2 in scrimmages today
  4. The kid will do fine he played against better talent on the Under Armour Circuit and held his own he needs to just keep working I think the best is yet to come and I’ve seen him play a lot of ball.
  5. good kid and good player. I don’t believe the kids in silsbee have academic issues either at least I know for certain one doesn’t 
  6. I am also the Tigers need to understand they will get everyone's best shot and have to be up for the challenge. Also seen Braylon today on crutches said he hurt foot and it was swollen he said he didn't play on Sunday because of the foot. Silsbee escaped the injury bug last year.
  7. College Park scratched that game they are going play in a holiday tournament out of state.
  8. Really running from them for what my understanding it was Yates never PAM and that's the team Ozen should be worried about because the STATE CHAMPS AINT WORRIED ABOUT OZEN OR PAM!!!! 
  9. Parquet offers picking up

    He definitely is the best kid in this area and his offers starting too show that one thing about him he is a two way player that's big time 
  10. I know that Silsbee is in the Cypress tournament this year so maybe they meet one another.
  11. I believe it's a good article I don't think he was saying that this is the best players in area. I believe he was giving names to watch and you will always leave someone out it's a matter of opinion. Then you get into who do you remove and all that stuff because if you look at 1-10 they don't move so it's just a matter of opinion. I would love for someone to be ranked ahead of me and had a chance to play them then use that fuel.
  12. I talked to Hughes in Dallas he said they will be looking forward to playing us next year. And also heard that Yates and Silsbee may play in the hoopsgiving tournament per Jim Hicks!!!!!!
  13. Definitely and I look for a breakout season out of Tyler he will have a bigger role this year. Plays good defense and solid offensively just had to wait his time out. If the kids accept the roles the coaches give them they will be find. I think that was a major reason We won last year when you have senior leadership like we had and they accepted the roles the coaches given them. It's tough to let underclassmen run the team and think with having Adams,McCain the year before and then you had Bush this year that's three underclassmen getting the attention. My hat goes off to the seniors cause they didn't hold them kids back they walked with them and said let's GO win it that's big time senior leadership IMO.
  14. UIl ruling on fights

    People needs to dig around on back yard before you come and tell us what to do and how to do it like your program don't have it's on troubles but that society today
  15. UIl ruling on fights

    Same team that a player made racial comments I believe that's way bigger then fighting into today's society