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  1. If both teams keep winning they will get it on and everybody will see the outcome whichever way that goes
  2. I can only imagine if both teams take care business how this forum will be in a week. One thing I know don’t matter who you rooting for the game can go either way IMO. The game want be won on the sports forum. I believe in my Tigers to the end so let’s just take it one game at a time .
  3. **Urgent prayer request in Woodville**

    Coached the young man in little dribblers definitely is a stud player. Life is way more important then this game we love we praying for you over here in Silsbee and wishing a speedy recovery get well young fella
  4. Looks like he needed a little more support
  5. North Forest vs Silsbee

    You’re correct and it’s 6pm
  6. North Forest vs Silsbee

    Didn’t NF play Yates prettt close?
  7. North Forest vs Silsbee

    That’s a 6pm game also
  8. Yes I have and I don’t think they the favorites bro
  9. Who has them the favorites Houston people 
  10. If Silsbee and Yates meet that will be a good game I hope you’re right but Yates are special over there too 
  11. Silsbee v EC ?

    So you don’t  think Silsbee wouldn’t have an advantage at the guard spots with arguably the best guards in area
  12. Silsbee v EC ?

    Maybe they need to put the game on schedule next year and then you would be able to see the difference Silsbee 15-20 bettter easily
  13. I understand and respect that your a parent and you believe in the team no problem with that at all