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  1. Week IV

    We may have lost some of the Texas recruiting yes. We still recruit Texas ok but we have picked up a lot in Cali. But we gained so much more. Don't have to deal with Conference UT's BS.   We can come back just need the right coach to come along just like every school does. 
  2. Week IV

    Nebraska fires their AD!!!!!!!!!  Whoo Hoooo

    Nope it didn't.  

    GCM 2-0 after finishing 0-10 last season..
  5. GcM fresh 22 Santa Fe 14
  6. Schedule changes

    From what I understand GCM will not be playing their bye week.
  7. He went for over 100.  Don't have exact yards though.  I like him a lot as a kid not just a player. 
  8. You do know why it wasn't a horse collar right?   Final GCM 28 Lee 16
  9. Bj Peterson with his 2nd TD    GCM 21 Lee 7
  10. Baytown Lee @ Goose Creek

    Ohhh i see..  Kid bashing lol..  GCM is not a 0-10 team in 5A. We have our hands full in this 6A district. We should compete better this year.
  11. Baytown Lee @ Goose Creek

    Freshman and JV didnt get to play.
  12. Baytown Lee @ Goose Creek

    Ouch.    Stallworth Friday night at 7. 
  13. Week 2

    Yea.  We played a 3-4 defensive personnel against 3-4-5 WR sets 3/4 of the game. It should have been suspect. I think we will look a bit different if we get to play the game. 
  14. Week 2

    Nebraska @ Oregon will be a good one..  Neither ranked but will be a entertaining game.
  15. So lets get to it.. The game no one wants to talk about.  Baytown peeps chime in..  Who you got??    GCM 34 Lee 13