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  1. To the Fun Stuff Legacy 7v7 Tourney 5-18-19

    No but Lumberton lined up in their offense alot.
  2. To the Fun Stuff Legacy 7v7 Tourney 5-18-19

    I was to busy to post updates.. All i really know is Nederland looked good. They went 7-1. We started way to slow with loss's to United, vidor and Nederland but ended with a win over Silsbee.  We went 2-3-1.  
  3. To the Fun Stuff Legacy 7v7 Tourney 5-18-19

    Game 2 for us.  We will see lol..
  4. To the Fun Stuff Legacy 7v7 Tourney 5-18-19

    Ill post some updates in here.. We got United our 1st game.  Hope my defesne can make some stops. lol.
  5. Any of you guys gonna be out there.  Starts at 8.  United, Vidor, Legacy, Nederland, Silsbee, Lumberton and GCM there. Gonna be a interesting one for us.
  6. SETCA All-Star Rosters for all Sports

    Normally wont in these games..
  7. SETCA All-Star Rosters for all Sports

    When is this game?
  8. West Hardin

    I heard he has a new DC and probably Head Baseball coach. We will see if its true.
  9. West Hardin

    Most of the injuries were on offense. But you also cant cover 4-5 wrs with LB's and no pressure!!  But thats for another thread lol.. You should start a Whats GCM got next year thread lol.
  10. West Hardin

    Debatable..  But we are always shorter on Larrys and Joes 80% of the time.. Schemes can help.

    I didn't think Freeman left after all to C.E. King?
  12. West Hardin

    Yes.. Good guy all around. Hope he does well out there.
  13. West Hardin

    You may or may not be a lil under or over. 
  14. GCM is Open

    Is that good or bad?
  15. GCM is Open

    Definitely not who i thought was gonna be.