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    I think they have a good shot at the 3-4 spot if they can come together before District.  Tough task but it can happen.
  2. Who are SETX's best returning wide receivers?

    Gcm will have a couple by the end of the year on this List.  We have a Jr that will be pretty productive. a couple Soph's that have a shot to make impact and a SR returning. We will see how it goes.
  3. GCM will have a  couple.  We have 1 Sr that has a Offer from Southern Mississippi so far. I think our D-Line will be strong.

    They also return the Peterson Brothers.  
  5. Hey just be glad you have someone who take some kind of time to preview the area kids.
  6. Lets Talk district 9-5A-1 Football

    If you look back on page 1 i told some one to do their home work and get back to me..  Looks like some one may have done some home work..   The Dave Campbells write ups are nice but lots can change before they hit the shelves.
  7. #74 welcomes that challenge. 
  8. Lets Talk district 9-5A-1 Football

    Couldn't agree with you more. I have a Jr and Soph. Jr will be a 2nd yr started on the O-line. Soph hoping to make some noise on the WR corps. And like i said we earned the 6th place prediction from previous couple years.   
  9. Lets Talk district 9-5A-1 Football

    I am thinking the bottom half of this district could go any way.  GCM is no one based on the past few years and I can live with that, but I think we make a little noise.
  10. Lets Talk district 9-5A-1 Football

    You are right. They will be good. lol.
  11. Lets Talk district 9-5A-1 Football

    I agree where it came from. How long ago did he give that to them lol.. Whats so special about Houston Austin? 
  12. Lets Talk district 9-5A-1 Football

    Nice assessment. I agree that this will probably be a cake walk district for them, PA that is.  
  13. Lets Talk district 9-5A-1 Football

    I have the Dave Campbell's Magazine.  GCM write up is umm well lets say not very accurate lol..  And apparently plenty of changes can happen between when those write ups happened and now. Just saying. 
  14. Lets Talk district 9-5A-1 Football

    Is that all you have or do you have any thing or info on other schools.