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  1. 0 Defensive adjustments. 
  2. Game is tomorrow from what sterling parents told me.  
  3. Galena Park vs Lee

    Lee will score 35.  
  4. He’s Oline! Jr second yr starter. Didn’t give up any sacks against The Shore or atascacita last year.  Not saying he will handle PA Dline all game but he will hold his own.   
  5. I know mine is ready and awaiting the challenge in a couple weeks. Cant wait.
  6. Crosby vs Bye

    You should be Right.  BUT every year there is that game where some thing just doesn't go as planned and the team that was supposed to Win takes an L.  Its a long season. I hope they do walk through that district though.
  7. Hull-Daisetta 34 West Hardin 0/FINAL

    How many points did the Peterson Bros score?
  8. South Houston 43 Goose Creek Memorial 16/FINAL

    It was highway robbery plus coming out flat.  How many flags did we get lol.  And how many did they pick up for them?   Good stuffright there 
  9. GCM freshman A - 0  South Houston - 8 GCM JV A - 26 SOHO JV - 20
  10. Hull-Daisetta vs West Hardin Poll

    Im guessing the Peterson Bros out score WH..
  11. Baytown Lee vs Splendora

    Offense is all the QB and Running-back. They have 2 Wr's but only one did any thing against WestBury. The Qb can make alot happen with his legs but also has the ability to look up and find a open WR if its there.
  12. Baytown Lee vs Splendora

    I watched most of the game vs Westbury. Lee has some athletes no doubt. Westbury is also that bad.  I think Lee pulls it out 35-28.
  13. Magnolia 43 Barbers Hill 13/FINAL

    Well Clear Creek smacked Sterling. 
  14. Big 2nd half.  It’s gonna take a game or two to get them going.