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  1. The Hill vs Manvel

    Good game. They did better then i thought. Now I’m just trying to convince my other half to put on some Blue!!! Lol won’t ever happen.  
  2. Barbers Hill 42 Manvel 62/FINAL

    So hold on. The starting Qb didn’t play? Not Johnson but the one who replaced him?
  3. Barbers Hill 42 Manvel 62/FINAL

    Man. Good game BH.  I almost had to eat some bird.  No lies. If my wife you let me my Jr and Sophomore would be Eagles too.  
  4. The Hill vs Manvel

    Whos ranked top 20 in state?
  5. OK i think i know the OL you are talking about.  QB/ATH you are right.. Forgot about him..  
  6. Qb, Rb, Lb, Not sure who the OL would have been. Injuries yea but they weren't to anyone that was contributing. 
  7. 24AA All District Selections

    Where can you find these listed at?
  8. The Hill vs Manvel

    I'm from the Hill.. I can critique all i want lol..   
  9. The whole ISD has athletes, plenty..  Just don't know how to get them all together..
  10. The Hill vs Manvel

    Interesting way to look at it.. What did Lee rush for again?
  11. The Hill vs Manvel

    The healthy and firing on most cylinders beat Manvel.  This Crosby with out #7 wouldn't have beat Manvel. Nor will this BH with or with out their #5 qb. 
  12. KingWood Park @ GCM

    Anyone here know how Kingwood Park looks?   Just Curious how their D-lines and CB's look.  Hoping its a competitive game.
  13. WB just looked like a team playing a team that they knew they had beat before they got off the bus. That said they will probably play a little better next week. As far as sterling man there is no excuse for some of the cheap shots they took. Both players should have been tossed or benched in my opinion. 
  14. Sterling had ton of unsportsmanlike penalty’s.  But never did i see a coach chew any ass for committing them. 
  15. CROSBY vs. LEE

    Lee Scores 50 some thing.  Crosby 30ish.