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  1. WO-S had ONE losing season, and it was 1982.
  2. LCM gets a new video board

    Nice. They should stream Netflix during games.
  3. I haven't been following the coaching carousel and was surprised. Maybe I shouldn't have been.
  4. Awesome WOS factoid

    Who would that be?
  5. Awesome WOS factoid

    Your one-trick team that "moved the ball at will" scored ONCE and got bounced by a team that WOS embarrassed the following week. MOST of the people who I talked to after the Liberty game chuckled about the fact that their only goal was to not lose by too much. They had no intention of actually winning. They were not in the top 5 of teams we played this year. Tell me, is it difficult to balance out your lack of actual wit with your delusions of cleverness, and does that juggling act cut into the time you need to cultivate douchebaggery? Or does the latter just come naturally?
  6. Awesome WOS factoid

    It wasn't meant as a brag, but as a comment on our ability to score via defense and special teams. I saw a similar one yesterday morning on ESPN about Alabama and wondered how our record would look. Some people...
  7. Awesome WOS factoid

    Nope... We would have tied 2-2.
  8. Awesome WOS factoid

    That we would have notched double digit wins if you completely erased our offensive points.
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if the WOS offense had scored ZERO points in all 16 games, we would have gone 10-5-1. That is assuming, of course, that they would have played all 16, which they wouldn't have.
  10. Not to be the REALLY bad guy, but, as an outsider, I don't know that this is as attractive a job as insiders think. Tons of pressure and a big shadow with a really mediocre talent ceiling. Sorry...  
  11. Best GT Team Ever?

    LOL really? 2016 Stangs 
  12. Well, Carthage beat Silsbee by 4, and WOS beat them by 53. Wylie beat Kennedale in the semis by 8 with 4 turnovers and a fumbled punt snap that turned into Wylie's last TD. WOS led Kennedale by 38 before they even scored. I would lovexpect to have seen it too.
  13. 2019 QB rankings

    I don't see anything wrong with the topic, but I do think a lot of the kids who end up at the top of the rankings THAT YEAR haven't even started a varsity game yet. You're basing it on freshman/sophomore starters only.
  14. All things being equal, this stage isn't too big for the Stangs. Gonna be a lot of wide eyes in purple. 
  15. WOS vs Giddings

    This year's semifinals might be tough again.