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  1. Pflugerville 3 Nederland Girls 0/FINAL

    Great season dogs 
  2. Nederland Girls 9 Dayton 0/FINAL

    Congrats to the coaches and girls .. good luck in the playoffs 
  3. Nederland sweeps Vidor 6-3 & 5-0

    Anybody got a score ? 
  4. PNG Girls vs Nederland Girls

    I understand being frustrated but I don’t think going on a public forum is be way to handle it . Especially is they are doing a good job hard to get a coach fired if they find ways to win. But good luck to your team they need support not  negativity. I bet Beaumont United girls basketball team that was 35-0 thought they were a state bond team but they lost in then 2nd  round. You never know what happens in the playoff.Good luck to all our area playoff teams. 
  5. PNG Girls vs Nederland Girls

    Nederland is gonna be undefeated district champions and there coaches don’t  know what they are taking about. Wow I think I heard it all now.
  6. Connally win in OT 53-47 congrats on great season pa 
  7. 46-42 pa up with alittle over 1 min left in game 
  8. Barbers Hill Round Robin Tournament

    Any other scores from this one 
  9. The question should not be if he’s a Jr but when will he turns 19 .. if it’s before September 1st then he is too old to play his Sr season.  Like I said I heard from some people in the there district that this could be true.  Not trying to bash a kid are a program . If he comes back OF will be loaded and looking to make a big run. 
  10. After talking to people from that district (which idk if its true ) that he already turned 19. Which means he would to old to play next year.  Can anybody clear this up for me 
  11. Great season Bobcats.. is the big kid back or is he a Sr . Just wondering how much is coming back for next year