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  1. Nederland bulldogs vs manvel mavericks

    Man just seen highlights for their rb hes the real deal looks tall
  2. Nederland bulldogs vs manvel mavericks

    Probally go to youtube and watch some there    
  3. Is NRG our new Teepee?

    Yes. to lamarqe and brenham.  Dogs 2-1. Beat brenham,pearland dawson lost to lamarqe
  4.   Also read sleepers on that link had png and pa memorial picked in their division and region
  5. PNG vs Texas City

    People i know had no problems on their cpu they said clear picture no pauses
  6. Nederland bulldogs vs manvel mavericks

    Playoff shirts u can order ar front office today til 3p also 8-noon tomorrow if u still want one
  7. PNG vs Texas City

    Yep never take any team lightly it could bite you go beat them stingarees 
  8. Nederland bulldogs vs manvel mavericks

    Pulling. For both myself plus pam  
  9. Nederland bulldogs vs manvel mavericks

    No lie on matchup but at least we r playing 2nd rd not practicing basketball the laat 2 weeks lol
  10. Well we will have our hands  full this week against a undefeated team who also beat northshore earlier this year but thats why the game anything is possible go dogs!
  11. did he learn from last weeks lost??

    Why not put. hughs back at running back it would help out he was a hoss last year then was moved to wr i thought he was a good rb never hear much anout him this year though utilize what you have its the playoffa now go for broke good luck against then stingarees
  12. PNG/NEDERLAND Doubleheader

    If we are on the. Same side but usually they put us on different sides unless we all move for each game and sit on the team thats playing that would be a site to see and loud
  13. 10 Count em, 10 TDS ON THE NIGHT FOR SHUG!

    All i can say is wow!  Lol  
  14. 21-5a vs. 22-5a

    Proud of vidor for hanging tough with new caney their dist champ
  15. Porter 7-3 vs Nederland 7-2

    Same back also good luck to pa memorial and vidor