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  1. Nederland 21 Silsbee 14/FINAL

    A combination of young players and the returnees finding a way to come together in the game when it is close.the defense seems to stop them when it gets down and dirty hopefully we will have a decent season when all our starters come back we will see!
  2. Nederland 21 Silsbee 14/FINAL

    Congrats to the dogs  
  3. Nederland vs Silsbee

    Rains r moving north probably will be a mudfest ! Grass is what football suppose to be played on like when football was invented lol!
  4. Nederland 33 Beaumont United 14/FINAL

    # 11 can throw the ball down field no problem at all so that is a bunch of crap must of not watch much of last year who was throwing bombs to latalus and others it sure was not santa clause throwing last year if I was mistaken it was #11 doing it so go give up on that nonsense!
  5. Nederland 33 Beaumont United 14/FINAL

    Dogs look like a team playing for each other not just one biggest boys we have had in a while plus good depth I can see good things coming this year if we can stay healthy I have witnessed a lot of bulldog games and this team could be special by the end of the season I pray at least!  Lol
  6. Nederland 33 Beaumont United 14/FINAL

    Q b picked up just like last year but looks lot better  
  7. Dogs will take this one  
  8. Wow like I said a w in a close one lol!
  9. West Orange Stark vs Nederland

    Big Ned in a close one
  10. Who will be the QB for PN-G next year?

    Cant wait to see him in burnt orange that purple does not do him any good. Lol!!
  11. Who will be the QB for PN-G next year?

    We have our qb already lol!!
  12. What is your favorite memory of the 2017 season

    Dogs beating png on last play only a kodak moment lol!