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  1. 10-0 Hudson after 5 .
  2. Game was moved to Tues. Night
  3. Splendora 4 Shepherd 2/FINAL

    4-2 Splendora
  4. Hardin Tournament

    I agree, For the teams that have a deep pitching staff, well they should be in the thick of things anyway, but for the teams that don't have much pitching. The games are very boring and hard to watch. We are seeing a lot of throwers also.
  5. Hardin Tournament

    that is not what I was saying. I agree that a coach should not throw a kid that much, I wouldn't even want my son to throw 110 this early in the season. But for some teams if is coming into play.
  6. Hardin Tournament

    Hardin is a very salty team, got a few boys that swing it well. As I think everyone knows that don't have pitching depth, the pitching rule are coming into play big time in the tournaments.
  7. For a school that wasn't supposed to have anything left after the big Sr. Class of last year. They are doing a pretty good job. This Sr. Class is having a good year.
  8. Shepherd vs North Forest Friday 7:00 @ Kingwood Park.
  9. Every news outlet in the state will be at this game to cover it. !!  Sorry I couldn't resist.
  10. he told the truth!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Are we talking about kids that quit during the season? Or kids that decide after the season is over that particular sport isn't for them anymore? That is two totally different subjects.
  12. Congrats to HJ. Well deserved. Beat Giddins. Great game to be a part of
  13. Really good game. Shepherd made that drive with jv running backs. Both starters out. 
  14. When you get away with chop block it sucks. #12 for shepherd out.