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  1. Dayton vs Crosby

    I figure the odds are in my favor to finally pick one of Daytons games right . I'm going to say Dayton 41 Crosby 38 OT win 
  2. Dayton vs Barbers Hill

    Dayton 24 Barbers Hill 14
  3. Does Dayton play tough for 4 quarters and pull out the win or does New Caney keep rolling ?
  4. Porter vs Crosby

    Crosby Rolls 
  5. Silsbee # 23 cheap hit on Jasper QB

    It's viral now    
  6. I'm about to lose the radio signal , I'll post when I get it 
  7. 1-0 Broncos bottom of the 1st
  8. Regional Qtr Finals/Post info here!

    Crosby vs Kingwood Park    G1: Friday, Kingwood Park, 6:00 G2: 30 minutes after G1 G3: Saturday, Crosby, 3:00 (if needed)
  9. Way to go lady Broncs
  10. Anyone have an update for this one , I'm out of range now 
  11. 9-0 top of the 5th 
  12. 9-0 dayton bottom of the 4th