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  1. Lol maybe it was the turfs fault too!!!
  2. WOS@Jasper

    No prediction on who wins just glad West Orange is back on the schedule
  3. It wasn't the bats that beat BC it was the players swinging them.....
  4. Jasper

    Thanks for the updates  
  5. Newton needing games

    Okay thanks...... Guess I should have specified but I was wanting to know Newtons non district schedule
  6. Newton needing games

    Who do yall have on your non district schedule so far?
  7. Silsbee 30 Jasper 23/FINAL

    TTT for Tay-Tay speedy recovery....  Go Dogs
  8. Jasper 14 Shepherd 10/FINAL

    Jasper wins 14-10
  9. Jasper Independent School District Superintendent Dr. Gerald B. Hudson announced on Thursday afternoon that he and Jasper High School Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Darrell Barbay have entered into "negotiations towards a long-term commitment that would allow Coach Barbay to remain as Jasper ISD's Athletic Director/Head Coach".     In the press release issued shortly before 4:00, Dr. Hudson went on to say "Coach Barbay, myself and the Board of Trustees agree that there are changes that need to occur in order for all of Jasper ISD's athletic programs to perform at their best".     This all began on Friday afternoon when a Golden Triangle sports website announced that Barbay had been terminated. This was followed by nearly 24 hours of silence from the leadership at Jasper ISD, until Board Member Tom Webb on Saturday went on the record and said that Barbay had not been terminated, and had not resigned.
  10. I heard rumor the Saturday after the Aubrey game that this would be his last year at jasper, not sure when the new sup hired on but makes me think it is all school board driven
  11. Jasper 4 Huntington 3/Final

    Jasper wins 4-3