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Shooting At Rogers Park


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1 hour ago, thetragichippy said:

That quote makes me so mad......


Looking at the most latest data available of the 5 year period from 2015-2019…

The 3 Mid County cities have a combined population of almost exactly 50k. Port Arthur, literally across the street from all 3, has a population of 54k so pretty close to the same size.

 In that 5 year period MC had a combined 3 murders.  PA had 38.

Beaumont with a population of 115k (2.3 times as large as MC) had 78.

So compared by size and murder rate, if PA was as violent as MC they should have had 6 murders instead of 38. Beaumont should have had 7 instead of 78.

Yep, they all have crime. It’s just when you cross a street the most violent crime increases by up to 1,000% or more.

If you want to go in another direction and compare Lumberton to Beaumont as an example…

Lumberton had 3 murders in 14 years or 1 every 5 years. Beaumont has 9 times more population so using Lumberton as the standard, Beaumont should have had 9 murders in 5 years, not 78. 

But hey, there’s crime everywhere.

It just isn’t perpetrated at the same level.

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