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  1. Vidor was 8-2 , won district with 7 starters returning on both sides. Their Jv was 9-0 and District Champions. I wouldn't sleep on them
  2. I work with Jeff.  He did more to his player than you know.  There is alot more to the story than was let out.  We had copies of racial slurs from both sides.  I have never heard jeff get on a player as bad as he got onto Donavan.  Jeff actually went up to the Trace's  mom before the game and apologized in person.  In the end Donavan and Trace became friends Jeff is the least rascist guy I know, We hate rascim on our staff as bad as anyone.  In fact I have seen Jeff kick one player off the team in the last 10 years and It was because he used that terrible word a 2nd time.  We wish your team luck throughout the season.  I just saw your post and wanted to shed some light on the story

    1. AthleticSupporter - Jock

      AthleticSupporter - Jock

      Thanks for the post coach. I guess there is always more to the story than most of us hear.  I appreciate you sharing this. Good luck to y'all and congrats on the win yesterday. 

    2. coach wade

      coach wade

      Thank you   Good Luck to Yall as well

  3. In the cases that I have seen it always serms the coach is harder on his son than he is on the other players.  Unless he is a star It seems to be a no win situation. 
  4. Depends on what kinda mood coach t is in ...if he is in bad mood 43-7 if he is in good mood21-0
  5. You have defended your father and most understand.  You will not convince all.  I promise you If you quit offending all, this thread will end.  You can and should defend him. But offending all to hurt a few is wrong.    I am a retired coach and I can't imagine your father wanting this to continue.  I agree lets PLEASE move on.  Good luck this season
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