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21 minutes ago, bullets13 said:

What color is lumberton?  I’ve been watching Texan live for 25 minutes and he hasn’t mentioned either team by name on a play yet 

Lumberton is wearing red, they have also hit crossbar a couple times as well in first half but yeah they are lucky to be going into OT

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20 minutes ago, JasperDAWG said:

I suppose I am confused. Why was there a second ot if Lumberton scored in the first one?  

It is standard that a soccer OT has 2 full 10 minute periods.  They play 1 10 minute period and then they switch goals for the 2nd 10 minute period.  Also, there is no sudden death.

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    • No matter the signs, does the owner want to come charges? Well he sign a non-consent statement to prosecute and show up in court? If the cops at the alternator shop wanted to make an arrest, they could have contracted the owner and asked if he wanted to prosecute. A sign isn’t the law, it is a step in the law.  Why wouldn’t I answer? i think that if two cops jumped out, they would not have drawn their weapons. I have been involved in thousands of arrests including fighters, three of which sent me to the hospital. The last one I had to have my eyebrow glued back together with two deep lacerations from being hit in the face with a pipe. I never drew my handgun.  If an officer did draw his weapon on a misdemeanor arrest without further and ended up shooting the suspect, I believe they might end up in prison like Michael Slager. 
    • But Don’s Alternator on 16th had a no trespassing sign so they were “doing us a favor” by not charging us.... in cop-speak, anyways.    Serious question to which I don’t think that I ever got an answer from you.  Same scenario, but instead of the father/son you have two uniformed policemen hooping out of a cruiser. Everything else happens the same with the same result. What would your hypothetical opinion be in that case?  
    • Sure. IF you come back, we will file charges.  Here is what I think is a pertinent question.... did this homeowner tell McMichael that he wanted the guy arrested. If not, no lawful arrest in my opinion.  If the homeowner said, hey go tell that guy not to come in my property....oops! I kind of suspect that may have taken place from my experience. Nothing taken or damaged and the owner sure doesn’t want to get tied up in court.  I might even be the owner has already given a statement to the police to that effect.  You keep digging these guys deeper and deeper.......
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