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  1. Great night and weekend for football. United corrects mistakes from last week and kings all run offense goes into the strength of United defense. United 35 king 21. I’d love to meet all y’all United posters, I’ll be there second half cheering United on to victory. United May have the wittiest group of posters of any southeast team😅😅. I’ll be the only Ukrainian on the United side with boots, jeans, tweed jacket and tan felt cowboy hat, LOVE THE WEATHER. Holler at me. Coach Bear
  2. Okay this weather and hill homecoming changes things, teenage boys, homecoming, come on football May be second to something else 😅😏😏 so now I say 35-31 hill barely cause strange conditions ALWAYS help underdogs.
  3. Marlin Texas, I can remember real Fritos pies cut bags with real chili, melted cheese, onions, Fritos soggy from grease, then going immediately at halftime to play tackle the man with the ball using five balled up wax Coca Cola cups— oh wait, that was in 1973, damn good memories—real French fries too😆😆😆😆
  4. Hey alpha I’ll be at the second half of the king United game tonight. I’ll be the Ukrainian in tweed jacket and tan cowboy hat. Holler at me. Coach Bear 

  5. Hey jag I’ll be at the king united game tonight second half. I’ll be the Ukrainian in tweed jacket and tan cowboy hat. Would love to talk football, holler at me.  Coach Bear 

  6. But you have to follow the rules and keep personal feelings out. Not fair for juveniles.
  7. Yes Jv but he was there since last spring 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔this whole scenario stinks, parents established residency for a long time. Just saying with new staff at Crosby and thousands of dollars mishandled, he got lost in the shuffle and several teams seem, I said seem (using my 5 years teaching forensics to seniors) to have plotted against him. Is he a bad kid, I don’t know but even bad kids deserve fair rules and laws. I did bad things as a kid, we all did, but we want our rules to be fair, FOR ALL✝️🐻
  8. Yes blocking wasn’t tight, allowed crevices from interior to be exploited. Will or could cost a game.
  9. This district, like last year is proving to be competitive except for Nederland and Santa Fe down, one exceptional player, like I hear that quarterback is could make a huge difference.
  10. Agree with your entire statement. But as a coach of over 3 decades in a wide range of students socioeconomic classes, I would rather coach those poor socioeconomic kids than the affluent kids EVERY day. If you are an honest coach both parents and players will give you 110%. I would go to war with those kids, win but most importantly have the greatest impact on their lives.✝️🐻
  11. Definitely smell something rotten in Denmark. Look I don’t like kids moving for athletics to live with cousin, aunt, or coaches rent-house, OR LIKE DEMAS TO THE QUARTERBACK HOUSE WHO NEEDS BIG NUMBERS TO GET A SCHOLARSHIP, but when parents move with child and establish residency for whatever reasons, he should be eligible. It seems that several teams in the district know the rules and system and helped themselves by this rabbit trail in forcing the legal quarterback to miss almost half of Crosby district games. I like gamesmanship, when Bob Craft recommended Bill O’Brien to McNair as head coach cause he knew the elder, now deceased McNair ,would shout “ how high” when Craft said “jump!” Just to screw the Texans potential for a decade, I saw ingenuity. But when teams purposely use rules to damage a kid whose parents did right by UIL, that’s wrong. I don’t have a dog in the fight, coached at Crosby, live here, but I just want good fair football. As I said after the Manvel Crosby game, Crosby with the new quarterback is the best team in district. Seems like some district foes believe it as well. Oh well, such is the soap opera life of high school football in Texas. Great—-GREAT 3 days of sports, tonight Astros vs Tampa bay game 5, tomorrow night Nederland at Dayton first half then United at King second half, then Saturday UT vs Okla bama at A M then Florida at LSU. THANK YOU GOD 🐻✝️🐻✝️🐻✝️
  12. Been in the biz for over 33, Coach Matthews is as solid as they come. He can beat you with hissuns or with youruns ( old Bum saying)just has that ability to relate to and get the best out of young men.
  13. Love Lees quarterback but the hill is getting better every week and is solid everywhere whereas Lee is very weak in both lines. Hill 35 the General 14.
  14. Nederland in a must win for playoff chances. Dogs 21 ponies 10.
  15. New Caney 28 PAM 10. Watched titans last week in a big game and it didn’t seem like the old titans, not much desire, excitement , or joy to play football. Sorta comatose, and new Caney just has a little more talent and better coaching staff.
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