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  1. Should be a good one, you gonna be there 14.2? I'm going to drive up from the Woodlands. Do you know if Brian Samuels son the sophomore receiver is on the varsity. What is your prediction for the year?
  2. I will be cheering for the Patriots team and coaching staff, but be careful as Klein Forest has some athletes.
  3. I am embarrassed to have taught for over 3 decades and NOT accomplished a goal of having my students as adults able to read and decipher charts and graphs.
  4. and all daycares that in the east Harris county area have been super crowded????
  5. Prayers for you and your family but realize this life is just a brief moment before Gods great reward in heaven.
  6. Okay so this is my take and no one else. First i am not a republican nor a democrat, i am a Christian and i hate all political parties cause they are like lawyers. Second i am anti Allopathic medicine, Pasteur was a fraud bought out by millionaires and billionaires seeing a good investment. Fear is the entire purpose of this whole pandemic. I am not saying there is not a flu virus by any name, there is. Just like there has been for thousands of years. The masters of fear began with predictions of deaths, followed by a lot of deaths, though many were caused by extreme measures of murderous--i m
  7. I agree with cardinal backer. As teachers coaches, the group collectively loves to complain about low pay. I can understand being a teacher coach of 33 years. But I actually feel I was compensated fairly. I was the baby from a farming immigrant family of 7 whose parents had a second grade education before having to work the cotton fields. We grew up poor, but full because of our farm. When I got my first job at Clear Lake intermediate in 84 for about $14,000, i was in hog heaven and rich. I’ve seen hard work in the oil, chemical and construction fields and better salaries. There is good and b
  8. Great answers and explanations. Like I tell all my friends, if you haven’t been in a high school from 4-6A in the past twenty years, and by in a high school , I mean sit in the library or a classroom all day (not feasible for most but more accurate than the five word explanation of school your teenager gives you while focusing on their phone) you’ll be shocked. Again, the school is a reflection of society, so hangout all day at Walmart and watch people and their actions for more shock value. The most disappointing thing is the lack of accountability by students, teachers, administrators, and s
  9. The hill , at least I thought played mistake free, not in the first half. Still a heartbeat. The size of Manvel hurt them in second half vs Crosby. Some big uns for Manvel on both lines.
  10. Still a heartbeat cause the hill can score.NO MORE MISTAKES OR EASY SCORING LIKE SLANTS TURNING INTO 80 yard scores.
  11. The hill is allowing them too much. Not a clean half by the hill by any means
  12. if, and I said if, the hill comes back. That 4 th down stop of Manvel in hill territory is play of the game. Need no more scores this half by Manvel and we need 7 pts
  13. But at least they forced the fade which required a moss type catch. Must continue to play inside leverage in man. Cannot stay in 3, especially down 3 scores.
  14. Im disappointed that the mistakes the hill is making. They need to play clean, but dropped passes, fumbles and poor man technique allows for easy pitch and catch that allows big plays.
  15. Mistakes killer to the hill. 21-7. Hill is rattled. Need to all Down and answer with 7 or it may get away early
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