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  1. Wow, that is a TOUGH DISTRICT. Sterling only weak link.
  2. I agree,root for our districts teams, good for us to fight during regular season but come together for playoffs just like a typical dysfunctional family. Fight like cats and dogs til someone says something about our family/district then we bound. I personally cheer for all teams in Texas and Louisiana. I got a UT degree, Southwest Texas st degree and UH masters, but my son is engineering honors at AM. I’ve coached players that went to UT, AM, S MU, Baylor , Tech, TCU, LSU, Mcneese, Northwest, and Tulane. I’m waiting for Texas and Louisiana to secede. Go Hill, Go Coogs.👍✝️🐻
  3. Yes gold ball for every playoff round win. In central Texas in the 70 s the host city chamber of commerce representative would provide and present it.
  4. But you can’t control that, 4 is an even number that levels brackets. Teams DO NOTwant an off week as it hurts rhythm. This is such a “ old man sitting on a porch, mad at the world topic”. I’m almost 60 and should be that old man but there is no logic in keeping out 4th place. The ncaa should expand to 8.
  5. The biggest factor in this and future Crosby games for the year has been the resilience of the new coach and how that transferred to the team. This team was picked on From all the negative town rumors, truths, and Paul Bunyan tales, to the tough predistrict schedule and finally the farce of getting the quarterback ready. I predicted after the Manvel game that the coogs would win district if the quarterback gains eligibility by the start of district. Well it didn’t happen and they sputtered, but still got 2nd in a still TOUGH district. At this time of the year, playoff teams are cutting back practice times to get kids well. Crosby is just getting their starters playing together and I do mean the quarterback. I believe they’ll get better each week and the attitude of both the team and town is skyrocketing. This team could be , could be( I haven’t looked at bracket positions yet) one to rep the region. They are lowkeyed and everyone has discounted them since they lost the supposed inventor of offensive football😏. I know nothing about them hornets other than a guy namedLloyd Archie was a stud for them in 78 when a small Ukrainian named berezoski was controlling the front for your Marlin Bulldogs. I’m blind nello saying Crosby by 14. What does that California site say— probably hornets by 10, well California sucks. Good night.
  6. Yes both teams on different levels, just hate seeing a potentially state championship team lose a needed player in meaningless competition.. Andy I’m excited about GC M potential after a year of offseason with Carter and a Ragsdale.👍
  7. That is former Galveston and Aldine Mac head coach Drones grandson. Coach Drones son is a coach Kevin drones at shadow creek. Their son, grandson is ranked as a junior quarterback. When I was with Jerry Stewart at Clear Lake we had some battles with the Drones led Galveston ball tornado. Casey Humphreys was a 280 lb middle backer. Nothing like playing on the island for district championship with ball and winning in sold out stadium. Great times, LSU bound quarterback Ryan Huffman was a stud for us. Shadow creek is STRONG.
  8. Wow they needed him to get past teams like Katy, cibolo, and Duncanville. Too bad, cheap shot?
  9. Rumor was game at Conroe wood forest stadium. Looked for you last night 14.2, I’ll catch up at the next one. Secondary coach and DC need to get secondary straight, that’s all coaching. If it happens once , kids can be blamed, consistently means taught wrong. They need running in phase drills, lots of reps. I’m sure they will get it right. OU in runaway, UT scares me, Iowa St coach is MUCH better coach than Herman.
  10. Guys this Crosby team is really good. I thought they could become this when I saw them against Manvel early. Since they were forced to play without their new quarterback it has really helped develop the rest of the team. How good, 70 points in a playoff game is a lot. Well know more next week.
  11. Wwwwwoooooooowwwwww!!!!! What a week to be off the boards. I’m on my way to see Crosby vs willow game and I fall into GOLD✝️. Y’all made my week, better than the Richard Pryor eight track I had my senior year in 78. Man I’m old but ready to get back into the fire. As I said, Crosby peaking now, believe they’ll win by 14-21. I feel I need to have to buy a subscription for this entertainment. This is like a WWE free for all and 14.2 takes on all comers with signature moves that remind me of a happier time when everyone hated him and Crosby. Oh well keep up the debate men, I got until state then I’m off commenting until I retire again, probably 2038. Texas high school playoffs and smack talk——God is good all the time and all the time God is good. Oh hell, Earth Wind and Fire playing September on Pandora 70s funk. Time to get in the shower and dance.
  12. I understand the disenchantment with the offensive scheme, I agree it needs to be used only about 40% of the time, but as a fellow coach I look at amazement and wonder at the great job Coach Matthews has done there. He is the type of coach I strive to be like, an unselfish servant leader. Believe me, the fruits of his labor will be seen 10 years down the road as these young men take all his lessons into becoming a husband and father. This is the REAL reason we coach, also why I’m going back in the fire next year. God told me he needs my sweat equity to enter the next realm. I could see vidor doing a multiple systems offensive approach like Ohio St, gives us defensive coordinator s hell.
  13. Okay here is some fantasy, Lee by 58, barbers hill forfeits all games for using an android phone in pressbox, png and Nederland both forfeited all district games because they as using chemical waste to supplement post workout strength gain. Lee makes playoffs now
  14. Crosby by 21: their overall-defense and speed better than Lee few fantastic players. Lee is mentally out since they are dissatisfied with season.
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