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  1. The hill , at least I thought played mistake free, not in the first half. Still a heartbeat. The size of Manvel hurt them in second half vs Crosby. Some big uns for Manvel on both lines.
  2. Still a heartbeat cause the hill can score.NO MORE MISTAKES OR EASY SCORING LIKE SLANTS TURNING INTO 80 yard scores.
  3. The hill is allowing them too much. Not a clean half by the hill by any means
  4. if, and I said if, the hill comes back. That 4 th down stop of Manvel in hill territory is play of the game. Need no more scores this half by Manvel and we need 7 pts
  5. But at least they forced the fade which required a moss type catch. Must continue to play inside leverage in man. Cannot stay in 3, especially down 3 scores.
  6. Im disappointed that the mistakes the hill is making. They need to play clean, but dropped passes, fumbles and poor man technique allows for easy pitch and catch that allows big plays.
  7. Mistakes killer to the hill. 21-7. Hill is rattled. Need to all Down and answer with 7 or it may get away early
  8. 3 out. Great job def. slant still killing them. Fumble by hill on punt Manvel ball. Here comes slant
  9. Have to have a stand here. No score Hill 3 and out. Hill now in cov 3
  10. Just basic secondary crap, obvious that Manvel staff knows who to pick on.
  11. The same slant allowed by same defender, must force fade and play in phase. Need to get that kid right or game over, too easy
  12. 7-0 Manvel terrible edge defense allowed quarterback to throw 40 to the 5. Then man defensive back didn’t play inside out, allowed slant for t d. They are playing 2 back spread with refrigerator def lineman as fullback. Weighs about 3 bills. Need to not allow big passing plays
  13. Yes plan on going for first two maybe 3rd not as much interest in that one. North shore gets revenge on the opening game of my high school viewing by 14. Manvel athletes wise is 14 pts better but coaching wise the hill is 21 better. So the hill by 7. Ive enjoyed meeting several of you SETXers this year at games. Love to meet more. I’ll be in black cowboy hat and “y’all need Jesus “ t shirt. Say hello
  14. Just got off work on my post retirement pre back coaching job so am going to reliant to cheer on the hill.  Would love to meet the second funniest guy on set sports YOU, since I am the funniest. Text me   281-787-4534. See you tonight. Coach Bear. Joe Berezoski 

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