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  1. Didn't they stop playing this game due to a big fight on the field?
  2. 52-6 final. ended in the third due to mercy rule of 45 points
  3. Chester had 25 players suited up. I have seen 11 man teams that didn’t have that many.
  4. Standing room only in Chester today unless you brought your lawn chairs.
  5. This was told to me by a Silsbee student that was at the game. That being said he could exaggerated what happened so I ASK. It not uncommon for Silsbee to be involved in these type of situations.
  6. I heard there was a fight during this game. Any truth to this rumor?
  7. Yes coach Wooddard is in Groveton. Coach Butters started at Woodville to D'ville to Sheppard to Colme_neil before he ended up in Chester. You may see there Saturday. They always have good food at the games.
  8. Someone who can move a trailer house is always a good thing to have in those neck of the woods.
  9. It happens all the time on Saturday football. Here is a example where they were going to take it on the kickoff then decided to move the back for the extra point.
  10. With over 30 staff members listed i can't believe a couple of them did not step up and pull the slack.
  11. The coach has the option to take in on the PAT or the kickoff.
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