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  1. Believe me I have eaten so much crow, the farmers will no worries if they have winter crops planted.
  2. You are 100 percent right about the Dawg D. No body knows why they played that game like they did. All I know is China Spring did what no other team did in two years. China Spring out played us on both sides of the ball. This game will determine who plays in the state championship.
  3. I have eaten so much crow that the farmers have no worry for third crops. I had no idea that China Spring was that good, I even watched several of their games where they beat teams by 40 or more and I saw nothing that said they could move the ball on my Dawg D. CS out played us on both sides of the ball. CS o line were big and strong, linebacker 11 and D linemen 55, along with 5,4,2,8 and 15 played a great ball game. WOS or China Spring will be playing Gilmer or Celina for the state championship. WOS versus China Spring is a toss up. Both have a team to win it all. God Bless and go
  4. No it won’t, no team left can or will score 28 points on this Dawg defense. unless the offense gives up 20 in pick sixes or fumbles and their defense scores.
  5. Here is little stat for you people who think CS can score 20 points on this once in a life time defense. Gilmer number 2 ranked team had minus 17 yards rushing at half time and 22 total for the game. They are averaging 60 points a game. Two teams with minus rushing yards rushing. That’s 10 of the 11 opponents with less than 50 yards rushing. Crosby is the only team that got close a hundred rushing and that is with 5 Dawg turnovers in the first half with 6 offensive starters out. The 8 new starters on offense including the QB had a lot of growing pains and have committed a bunch of tur
  6. Jasper defense was eating WOS offense up last night. You can’t expect the defense to keep up a high level attack when the offense can not give them a rest. Jasper had the second best defense in 4A DII behind Carthage but Jasper offense was terrible this year. It was a great game and congratulations to both teams. Can’t wait to see how Belleville offense stacks up against WOS defense. Should be a slobber knocker for sure.
  7. HF played hard and had a great season. Their QB was a load to bring down. He even ran into Kip Lewis on one play and drove him backwards, That does not happen. Kip is one of the top linebackers in the state. The Dawg D held HF to 5 yards rushing and 120 yards passing. For those of you on here thinking HF coaches should of done anything different. This Dawg D is one of the best in 4A history. HF played their tails off and I congratulate them on a very good season.
  8. Jasper has a very good defense, maybe as good or better than WOS. But their offense is terrible. When they played Carthage, we kept saying, how could a team have one of the top defenses in 4A DII and have one of the worst offenses. WOS should be the favorite but I think it will be a low scoring game.
  9. They have a very good QB, he has committed to Colorado. His dad QB in the NFL for 12 years. If Belleville is weak in the secondary they better have a pass rush or he will pick you apart. They have two very good receivers, one is his little brother. The little brother is really good on defense, he will hit you.
  10. I don’t think HF will score at all. The Dawg D is nothing like you have ever seen before. The last six teams were under 40 yards rushing and two of those were minus yards running the ball. If HF can cause 5 or 6 turnovers, they might have a chance.
  11. Gatesville had a total of 20 yards rushing and 40 yards passing against the Dawg defense. Looking forward to a good ball game.
  12. Shepherd had 17 yards total offense against the Dawg D starters and 1 first down due to penalty. They had 18 yards and two first downs on the 2nd team in the second half. I hope Shepherd moves down to 3 A. I counted 28 players. They played as hard as they could.
  13. If you had a chance to coach your kid in a Texas high school state championship at cowboy stadium, you going to tell me you would pass that up. I call BS on that. Surratt has had many offers at the college level for big money but turned them all down. He is I believe the 2nd highest paid coach at the high school level. Some things mean more than money. After his son graduates his phone will be ringing off the wall.
  14. You need to dig a little deeper. Number 2 Gilmer minus 17 yards until 3 rd Quarter. 22 total yards rushing. Jasper 56 total yards. Rusk minus 8 yards rushing. Pleasant Grove 35 yards rushing. Madisonville minus yards rushing until back ups come in. The only team that ran the ball was Crosby and that was due to 6 starters out and five turnovers. There were 7 turnovers in the Rust game. The Dawg offense have 8 first time starters on varsity including the QB and have made a lot of turnovers deep inside the Dawgs side of the field. That is reason the Dawg D has given up
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