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  1. I heard that to but we going to run all over there defense
  2. WOS 99 BYE 0 Lol again a little joker so just go along with it
  3. Lol none buddy you know that's not going happen
  4. Deweyville going run away in this game Deweyville 32 Evadale 24
  5. I have love for west brook but north shore just way to good it's going be a low scoring game doe
  6. I'm not seeing carthage playing wos or Jasper until state more like 3rd Belleville and wimberely for semifinals but who knows
  7. Let's say this we playing over there again and last year we got mess over big time so I say the final score WOS 39 Liberty 7
  8. This is going to be a real good game but I'm going to have to go with Nederland they have a pretty Good squad this year it's going to be a low scoring game Nederland 17 PNG 14
  9. Trust me my friend orangefield is not fist to score 18pts on this mustang defense I can tell you that for sure this Mustangs defense only giving up 6pts a game
  10. None they never went to state championship game expect for basketball that's it
  11. Say y'all won by luck bro that was the past this is the future and we is much improved now and I think this year we have something to say about that but ask ur self something did silsbee ever won a state championship ask me that case close
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