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  1. It looks like these are the standings so far in 22 4A: Bridge City 10-0 Orangefield 7-3 LCM 7-3 Vidor 5-4 Lumberton 3-7 WO-S ? Silsbee ? I cannot find anything on WO-S or Silsbee's record.
  2. I saw where they would play a Seeding game, to determine who gets 2nd and 3rd. They both still have to play BH too.
  3. What do the 21 & 22 4A District Standings look like?
  4. I agree with you. Huffman is not as good as in previous years. My daughter played them from 2017-2019. They were Solid then.
  5. Look at all the teams Bridge City faced at the YMBL Tournament and WON it. I think Bridge City could beat Huffman again if they played.
  6. Just my thought but PNG will be the 5th team and will not make the playoff this year.
  7. The Noo’s are not as competitive as they always have been. I do not see them making the playoffs this year.
  8. I know two players who made 1st team were Sophomores from Nederland. They deserve to be 1st team.
  9. This was a very tough district. Great athletes all-around. I would not of wanted to be the coaches making these picks.
  10. Can we get an update on who all got All-District Honors for 4A-6A?
  11. Found out that Nederland coach PP the game not because of COVID but one of their good players twisted her ankle. Said that player had Covid but really doesn't. The coach just wants her to heal up so that she can play in the PNG game. Little Shady if you ask me.
  12. PNG should have never played Tuesday. They should of done what United did. Shame on PNG.
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