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  1. You still have that same energy that you had yesterday while writing this post?
  2. Anyone going to give Devers any credit now lol great game Trojans!
  3. Diboll has more playmakers, but EC plays together well. Both teams shoot a lot of 3's, both have one big man in my opinion. Gums for Diboll and Kam for EC. Diboll is capable of winning even if they play only okay, where as EC has to play well in order to have a realisitc shot in my opinion, a average game wont cut it. Thats what i meant by EC has to play better than Diboll @The Cook
  4. Yates definitely busts 100 this game, with the style La Marque plays also. Yates 115 La Marque 88
  5. This one could go either way, EC has to play better than Diboll to get the win but is capable of doing so. Ill take Diboll by 6
  6. May be going out on a limb here... Call me crazy if you want, my prediction is Grapeland over Shelbyville. Just seen them both play and i'm just impressed by Grapeland. Could go either way though
  7. Judging by these comments im not so sure if any of you have seen Diboll play, but i have multiple times. For you to say Diboll will out coach anyone is ridiculous. That coach sits on the bench and watches the game lol
  8. How in the world did Cleveland only turn in 1962? I thought at the end of last year they were pushing 2100+ in the HS.
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