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  1. If Crosby wins district, they have a chance to go 3 rounds, place 2-4 in district and your done in round 2. Mark it down, quote me, whatever. Crosby would've did the same as BH. Crosby would lose just as bad to Manvel or FB Marshall this year. BH has had the 1st round jinx and Crosby 2nd round jinx. Congrats, Crosby for the most part a one more playoff win team. Ya'll not going to no Regional Final next year. It's like pure comedy.
  2. Some of what I've seen about Whitehouse is they are very similar to BH. Should be a good game, never underestimate an East Texas team. They are always a tough out for the most part. Good luck to the Eagles and the rest of the southeat Texas teams still in the playoffs.
  3. Let your 9 year old know that he's not going to beat Barbers Hill when he gets to high school. LOL jk
  4. Once again, we've never avoided any district. You realize that we have basically won district in every sport while in the golden triangle last two years except for football last year? You guys crack me up.
  5. We own Baytown schools in every sport, what you mean we won't let that happen?
  6. Good game NDNS, we finally break the jinx and get one from ya'll. Good luck the rest of the way.
  7. What are you talking about? Sounds like you have a gas leak in your trailer.
  8. No defense is going to stop an offense that's executing. weak comment
  9. All of a sudden BH Defense can't stop anyone? Do they have injuries on the defensive side?
  10. Middle School football is no indication of how HS will be. Nice record though.
  11. BH looks good so far this year on O and D as well as lights out on special teams. The only thing I see that BH needs to have cleaned up before Vidor is to be consistent on offense. Most series BH look good, but some series they look out of sync. Vidor has always been a tough team no matter their talent level. You have to stay on their throats ( no mean intentions, LOL) and stay on it because Vidor will play hard till the final whistle. I do think BH pulls this one out.
  12. The RB runs hard for a Soph. I've been impressed with him. Can't remember his name though.
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