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  1. Sorry for not updating. Onalaska won in straight sets. Wasn’t close.
  2. UIL is not stone walling. They have multiple plans in place and are constantly communicating with TEA and The governors office. They are constantly adapting as new info comes in. They will release a plan this week. But No plan this year will be a set in stone plan in terms of dates because there will have to be flexibility due to the unknown.
  3. Districts can still be more strict than this. Nothing really has changed. Districts can still create a policy that students have to attend in person classes in order to be in extra-curricular activities. I’ve already seen a few districts post their stance on both sides. Some will allow it and some won’t.
  4. The score is right but you have it backwards. Anderson won the game.
  5. Coldsprings new basketball district doesn’t include huntington. The district is: Coldspring, Trinity, Anderson-Shiro, new Waverly, Hardin, Tarkington, and Onalaska.
  6. This place actually closed down permanently in Onalaska.
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